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May 28, 2009

WorldMate Itinerary Generator Update: Just Added Frontier Airlines

Good news!  We've just added support for itineraries booked directly with Frontier Airlines . Frontier Airlines is a low-cost airline headquartered in Denver, Colorado,  that is quite popular with our members in the Rocky Mountains states. Frontier is now offering some very cheap flights around it's hub!

WorldMate users can now forward the confirmation emails they get from Frontier directly to to have the flight info added to their itineraries automatically. And of course we also have flight schedulesflight status and pushed flight alerts for Frontier.
This brings the number of different companies whose emails we support to 99. Guess who'll be the 100th ?


May 21, 2009

WorldMate Itinerary Generator Now Supports Flybe

We are continuing to grow our parsing support for travel confirmation emails coming from European providers. We've just launched support for Flybe - Europe's largest independent regional airline carrier. Flybe was named 'Regional Airline of the Year 2009' and operates throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. 


So from now on our Itinerary Generator can automatically add flights booked with this airline directly to our mobile itineraries, so their details are available on your BlackBerry or Windows Mobile phone and they can be automatically tracked for you. Of course, flight schedules and flight status / alerts for Flybe are also available!

To learn more about WorldMate's Itinerary Generator and how it automatically builds your travel plans and puts them on your mobile phone - read this article.     

May 05, 2009

Microsoft: WorldMate for Windows Mobile "A frequent traveler’s best friend"

We're simply delighted... Microsoft's Total Access columnist Jason Dunn just posted a review of WorldMate Live on Windows Mobile. Some quotes - "WorldMate Live is a great solution for frequent travelers" .... "I was quite impressed—it pulled every last bit of information about my flights, including the confirmation number" ... "if you travel regularly, you'll want to download...".

We're so happy, we even promise to fix some of the glitches Jason mentions. Thanks!

April 14, 2009

WorldMate's Flight Alerts Replace Airport Departures Boards


The information you're used to finding on airports' electronic boards - delays, cancellations, gate and time of departure - are all part of the WorldMate Flight Alerts feature. But our Alerts enable you to find out about delayed or cancelled flights in real time, way before you get to the airport. So instead of leaving a meeting early to catch a flight, just to realize the flight has been delayed once you're already at the airport, you can now know about it in advance and plan accordingly. You'll even receive an Alert if only your gate number changes. And the best thing is this works automatically with virtually any airline in the Western world - no need to register separately for each flight with specific airlines. If your flight is in your itinerary, and you're a Gold member - you'll get the alert. Alerts are available on WorldMate for BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian devices. Flight Status is also available on our Palm and iPhone products.



WorldMate's Flight Schedules feature list all the flights on a specific chosen route - say from LA to NY. You can use it on a daily basis instead of online sites like Kayak, or in a last-minute situation after receiving an Alert about a change in the flight you were planning to travel on. Find the flight that's right for you and book it on the spot without having to talk to airline personnel or wait on line for help.


The application's Travel Directory lists phone numbers for airlines, hotels and car rental companies to help you make bookings and change them.

Basically what we're saying is that the old familiar scene of people standing around a large monitor or bulletin board at airports and railroad stations... waiting for the board to post information which is relevant to them... that's just not necessary anymore. Why rush to a board and stand there frantically looking for your gate if you can have it all in the palm of your hand way in advance? It's a 20th century scene ;). That information is already available on mobile and our Alerts show up on your screen automatically so you don't even have to look for them. All you'll need to do is go straight to the counter and check in.

Questions? Suggestions? Please post them here and we'll get the discussion going.

February 22, 2009

Google Maps and WorldMate Live

Last week, we posted a quick tutorial on using WorldMate Live's free mapping facilities. We got dozens of responses from people who want this to integrate with the Google Maps mobile application that they are using ( Lots of people are using this application, either because it's better than what came with their devices, or because the built-in app (e.g. BlackBerry Maps) does not have content for where they live - e.g. Australia.

It is our goal at WorldMate to support all popular mapping apps and in fact we spent a lot of time trying to get an API for Google Maps that will allow us to integrate with it. Alas, it seems like the good people at Google are just not interested in this extra traffic we can provide them. There is no Google Maps for mobile API as yet for BlackBerry, Windows Mobile or Symbian. And given the fact many developers have been asking for this for years, it's pretty clear that is a policy with Google. Whether this stems from content licensing issues (a frequent issue with mapping licenses) or just competitive policy we don't know, although we assume the latter.

What can users do?  One thing you can try is petition Google. They have a Help Forum where you can post a question. Perhaps if enough people did it, they will enable this.

Additional suggestions? We'd love to hear from you. Post your comment below.