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October 05, 2009

What the Critics Are Saying About WorldMate for Blackberry 3.0

Since the release of WorldMate for Blackberry 3.0, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Now you don't have to take our word for it--PC World, CNET and other sources are confirming that our Blackberry travel app is your essential business travel companion.


 In his post "Why Road Warriors Need Blackberry Travel App," Al Sacco of PC World writes,

"I've been using WorldMate to organize and manage my trip itineraries and related information for a couple of years, and I honestly can't even imagine traveling without it at this point. And with the frequent addition of valuable new features like the ones mentioned above, a great application for road warriors just got even better."


Crackberry is holding a giveaway of 10 Gold Subscriptions to WorldMate for Blackberry. Adam Zeis of Crackberry writes,

"If you have ever travelled with your BlackBerry and NOT used Worldmate, now is a great time to check it out. Worldmate has been updated to version 3.0 and brings with it a lot of changes to an already amazing application. A quick look at the changes shows just how helpful Worldmate can be and personally, I live by this app when travelling."


Jessica Dolcourt of CNET writes,

"WorldMate Live has most everything the business traveler would want or need to smooth out the logistical bumps that befall every trip...The application has become more attractive over time."

You can see more great reviews of our Blackberry travel application at The Blackberry Blog, Smartphone Cool, and JK On the Run.


So what are you waiting for? Check out our hot new version with access to Yelp, and updates to hotel booking, calendar sync and more. Get a free subscription to our travel app to see what all the fuss is about, or Go Gold to get all the latest and best new features.

August 06, 2009

The Best iPhone Travel App is Now Also The Best Selling One

Apologies in advance for the amount of glee in this post... Yesterday, WorldMate got a great review on TechCrunch titled "WorldMate a Must Have iPhone App for Road Warriors". To celebrate we provided free activation codes which ran out within 20 minutes (the App Store only allows a developer to issue 50 of those), so we agreed to drop the price for 24 hours.

It looks like the dam has broken! Urged on by an onslaught of Tweets, Diggs and comments, iPhone users got it instantly - here's something which provides concrete value, saves them time and stress.  The results followed within 12 hours:


We're proud to be #1!  But we also realize our work is far from done. Our iPhone product, while being the best travel app for the iPhone, is still not on par with what we have on other platforms, especially BlackBerry. We pledge to continue working on making it even better - filling some key product gaps suggested by some users, as well as implementing some of our own ideas!

Onwards and Upwards!

August 05, 2009

TechCrunch Reviews WorldMate for iPhone - And We're Celebrating By Dropping the Price to $0.99 Until Midnight


Earlier this morning the leading technology blog TechCrunch posted a review of WorldMate on the iPhone  calling WorldMate "A Must-Have iPhone App for Road Warriors".

We were so happy about it we decided to give readers free Gold subscriptions. Guess what - the requests went through the roof, depleting the number of codes we can issue on the iTunes App Store. And as the review was posted in the morning European time - TechCrunch' US audience felt they got the bum deal. We can't issue more codes - but we can do something else, so for the next 24 hours:

WorldMate Gold on iPhone is $0.99. Yes - that is $0.99 . This price will be in place until midnight PST. Get it here: WorldMate Gold on the App Store.

And if you happened to buy WorldMate Gold for $0.99 this morning before we dropped the price - send us an email at . We can't refund you (only Apple can do that) but we'll try to find a creative way to compensate.



June 08, 2009

InToMobile Gives WorldMate on the iPhone a Thumbs-Up!

Just in time for WWDC 2009, reviews our iPhone app. Simon Sage states WorldMate is one of his favorite applications, and likes the WorldMate Max iPhone Video too!   Thanks, Simon!

June 05, 2009

WorldMate for iPhone - Press Coverage and App Store Success

Another day went by, and some more coverage for the WorldMate for iPhone app just released! states "WorldMate is the only service to that can help [travelers]... further distinguishes itself in that it can take this information and turn it into solutions...". The article, also published in , goes as far as stating "In many ways this is a huge validation of the iPhone platform."

And at the same time - within 60 hours of launch - WorldMate is the #10 most downloaded Free travel app in the App Store, while WorldMate Gold is the #18 most downloaded Paid travel app. Huge achievements for this short period.

CNET Reviews WorldMate for iPhone


Less than 24 hours from launch - and Josh Lowenstein of CNET has already noticed WorldMate. Thanks, Josh and CNET for the favorable review - "polished...the Swiss army knife equivalent...". Well this Swiss Army Knife is going to get a few more blades in the near future, so keep watching!


May 22, 2009

BlackBerry Cool Names WorldMate Live: Top Summer BlackBerry Travel App

The good people at BlackBerry Cool, one of our favorite blogs, have just published a piece titled "Top 5 summer travel apps in BlackBerry App World" stating "’ll save your business money as well as keep focused on the important things while leaving the legwork to WorldMate". We're blushing...

May 05, 2009

Microsoft: WorldMate for Windows Mobile "A frequent traveler’s best friend"

We're simply delighted... Microsoft's Total Access columnist Jason Dunn just posted a review of WorldMate Live on Windows Mobile. Some quotes - "WorldMate Live is a great solution for frequent travelers" .... "I was quite impressed—it pulled every last bit of information about my flights, including the confirmation number" ... "if you travel regularly, you'll want to download...".

We're so happy, we even promise to fix some of the glitches Jason mentions. Thanks!

April 12, 2009

WorldMate: One of the Top 10 Apps Worth Buying on Nokia S60

As this review on All About Symbian states "a slick and free utility... If you’re a regular traveler then this becomes a time and money saver and will easily pay for itself".

March 16, 2009

Some great coverage

Over the last week, we got some great coverage. Paul Taylor from the Financial Times listed WorldMate Live under "The Pick of the Free Apps" .

LBSZone's review "WorldMate - the perfect mobile travel companion" stated "The free app is amazing....".

Finally - 1 the Wall Street Journal  mentions the BlackBerry Partners Fund's investment in WorldMate in this article.