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March 03, 2011

Big changes for our BlackBerry users – new look, new features, new price (free), new name – BlackBerry® Travel™

BlackBerry Travel

Exciting news for our long-time and loyal BlackBerry® users, as well as all travelers that carry a BlackBerry – today, in a joint effort with Research in Motion (RIM), we bring the Gold Service to the new BlackBerry® Travel™ Super App. This collaboration lets us take the best travel app for BlackBerry® and add a great new look, as well as a bunch of powerful new features. And the best news, all BlackBerry® smartphone customers can get it right now, and it’s a free app! Where do you find BlackBerry Travel? Just go to the Test Center category on BlackBerry App World™ and download BlackBerry® Travel™, and you have a new, even more powerful travel app at your fingertips. (for now Blackberry Travel is availible in the USA, Canada, the UK and Spain. More countries coming soon).

Download in the App Store

Here are the features you know and love, as well as the new ones you’ll find in BlackBerry® Travel™:

  • Automatic Trip Scanning – As soon as your itinerary hits your inbox it is automatically and seamlessly loaded into the app
  • All-In-One Service – No need to browse websites or other apps, everything is right at your fingertips from planning, booking, and alerts to integration with LinkedIn® and Yelp®
  • Search and Book Hotels – Simply search for hotels in the area you plan to stay and book the one that suits your needs and budget
  • Travel Notifications – No need to look up flight status, the information will push as it is available; you will know immediately if there are flight delays or cancellations
  • Alternative Flights – Flight cancelled or delayed? Search for flights from any airport worldwide to find a new flight quickly and easily
  • Easy Sharing – Share your travel details with friends, family or colleagues on LinkedIn from within the app. Update your status or search for people who may be in town at the same time as you
  • Know Your Destination – Easy to use currency converter, weather forecasts, and any information you may need about every leg of your journey

WorldMate continues to expand its technology and deep travel and mobile expertise to better serve the traveler and our collaboration with RIM allows us to bring the convenience of mobile travel services to the world. BlackBerry® Travel™ represents the most sophisticated end user experience in functionality, automation and polish, making it easier than ever to manage all aspects of your travel from your smartphone. Let's make this the kick-start for the next era of travel.

July 13, 2010

WorldMate 4.0 With TripCatch: Let WorldMate Work For You

We're excited. Big time. For the last six months we've been working on TripCatch - the next phase in making WorldMate an even more convenient way for you to plan and manage your travel. We're just out of a closed Beta with about 1,000 active users, who told us quite plainly - "We love it". Well now you can get WorldMate with TripCatch too (well, on BlackBerry, for now).


What is TripCatch?

If you're reading this, you probably already know that WorldMate automates itinerary creation by reading the confirmation emails you forward to it, assembling the information in them into itineraries and adding location and meeting details. So far, you had to forward your confirmation emails to manually. With TripCatch - even this is automated for you. TripCatch automatically identifies confirmation emails sent to you by travel agents, airlines, hotel chains etc., and integrates them into your itinerary. In plain English - TripCatch knows a certain email is a confirmation email and automatically takes care of it for you, it's that simple.

So what's so great about TripCatch?

TripCatch not only saves you the effort of manually forwarding an email. It also means that as soon as you get a confirmation email, WorldMate knows about your booking and can add it to your itinerary and start tracking it for you. So when you embark on your trip, you're guaranteed you have all your travel details with you. And as soon as you book something, WorldMate can help you with that booking - or assist with booking what you're still missing.TripCatch takes the hassle out of creating your itinerary. Whenever you enter WorldMate on your BlackBerry or on our website, your itinerary will already be built and will include all of your travel plans. It will save you time and effort and will make the whole process a lot easier.

I'm a control-freak. Can I retain control?

With TripCatch, you decide the level of automation you want. You can choose to have TripCatch alert you whenever a travel confirmation email is detected - at which point you can decide if you want to integrate that booking into your itinerary or not. Or you can decide to Always have TripCatch integrate the bookings it detects, and have a fully automated process. The choice is always in your hands.


So is WorldMate now looking into my inbox?

Your Privacy and Security Are Assured.

At WorldMate we take our members’ privacy very seriously. We built TripCatch with that goal in mind – it works quietly in the background only picking up travel-related emails. It filters emails with only very specific travel expressions and is careful not to pick up other messages.  It is optimized such that it almost never "catches" the wrong email. In fact, we had it catch dozens of thousands of emails during the private beta period, with virtually zero non-travel emails caught. Furthermore, all emails are immediately deleted off our server after they are parsed (including the ones that are "misses"), so even in the rare case the wrong email is caught, it is immediately deleted without a trace.

Your privacy is our concern. So much - that you don't have to take our word for it.We’ve partnered with privacy leader TRUSTe. They’ve certified our software and databases with the TRUSTe Privacy Seal to verify that your information is safe with us. Please see our privacy policy for more information about how we maintain your privacy.

How can I help TripCatch get even better?

If you appreciate the value of technology like TripCatch, you can help us improve it even further. We've launched TripCatch as a Beta to make sure we have an opportunity to keep improving it. If you'd like to assist us - please join our Product Improvement Program. By doing so you'll enable us to analyze those emails that TripCatch "misses", so that we can improve it even further.

Hey, what about us iPhone users?

We are working to enable TripCatch for you too. It is a little tricky, as iOS has different limitations, but we'll get there. And you'll be the first to know.

October 05, 2009

What the Critics Are Saying About WorldMate for Blackberry 3.0

Since the release of WorldMate for Blackberry 3.0, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Now you don't have to take our word for it--PC World, CNET and other sources are confirming that our Blackberry travel app is your essential business travel companion.


 In his post "Why Road Warriors Need Blackberry Travel App," Al Sacco of PC World writes,

"I've been using WorldMate to organize and manage my trip itineraries and related information for a couple of years, and I honestly can't even imagine traveling without it at this point. And with the frequent addition of valuable new features like the ones mentioned above, a great application for road warriors just got even better."


Crackberry is holding a giveaway of 10 Gold Subscriptions to WorldMate for Blackberry. Adam Zeis of Crackberry writes,

"If you have ever travelled with your BlackBerry and NOT used Worldmate, now is a great time to check it out. Worldmate has been updated to version 3.0 and brings with it a lot of changes to an already amazing application. A quick look at the changes shows just how helpful Worldmate can be and personally, I live by this app when travelling."


Jessica Dolcourt of CNET writes,

"WorldMate Live has most everything the business traveler would want or need to smooth out the logistical bumps that befall every trip...The application has become more attractive over time."

You can see more great reviews of our Blackberry travel application at The Blackberry Blog, Smartphone Cool, and JK On the Run.


So what are you waiting for? Check out our hot new version with access to Yelp, and updates to hotel booking, calendar sync and more. Get a free subscription to our travel app to see what all the fuss is about, or Go Gold to get all the latest and best new features.

September 23, 2009

WorldMate Live 3.0 for Blackberry: Oh, The Places You’ll Go

At last it’s here: A shiny new version of the WorldMate for Blackberry travel app, with sleeker looks and hotter features than ever before. We’ve integrated, the go-to site for restaurant listings, shopping, and nightlife in all major US cities. Now that wealth of information—thousands upon thousands of stores, restaurants and pubs, with customer reviews—fits into the palm of your hand.


 Find the best sushi place nearest you, or a shop that sells the fashions you love. And when you’re done dining and shopping, relax at the city’s highest-rated bar, recommended by hundreds of customer reviews.

WorldMate for Blackberry 3.0 also boasts a streamlined and improved hotel booking feature with sharp hotel photos, and an upgraded Calendar Sync feature.

Eat, Shop and Be Merry with WorldMate's Mobile App

New city? No problem! With our new local search service which integrates Yelp, you'll have everything you need at your fingertips!


  Find the Best Restaurants. Search for restaurants in all major US cities, or select the option to  search for restaurants that are nearby. All locations appear on a map so you can easily find them. Once you've chosen your area, find the restaurants with the highest star ratings and the best  reviews. Ready to reserve a table? Click on the number to make that call!


          For diners with special needs like vegetarians, vegans, or Indian food addicts, this travel app allows           you to search for restaurants by category. Feel like some Vietnamese cuisine? There may be just the place on a block near you.

Big_3D_Yelp_Icon  Shop 'Til You Drop. Or don't drop, because you won't be wasting time and energy searching for the store you need! Whether your glasses need adjusting or you just want to browse the GAP, with just a click you'll know where to go. The Empire State Building is located in a great shopping area for fashion, but did you know there's an office supplies store down the block? With our travel app, you'll know it all.

Big_3D_Yelp_Icon  Be the One Who "Knows a Place." After work, you and your colleagues want to grab a drink before dinner--where do you go? With the reviews of locals at your fingertips, you'll be the one who can suggest the most unique and elegant lounge that tourists never find.

 Book Your Hotel in Style

Our new hotel booking system is smoother and faster, so you can find and book a hotel within seconds.

Hotel search 

With our new system, you get the star rating and prices at a glance. But a picture is worth a thousand words, and that's why we now display photos of the hotels.

Hotels results

 Stay In-Sync With Your Travel Schedule

 To top it off, we've simplified and improved our itinerary / BlackBerry calendar synchronization module. This solved many issues some users have encountered and makes it simpler to keep your calendar (Outlook, Lotus Notes, Entourage or any other) automatically updated with your itinerary - and vice versa.

  In the spirit of keeping WorldMate Live for BlackBerry the best product in the category, these new features are available to all users - free as well as Gold members. So what are you waiting for? Get the upgrade now !

September 03, 2009

The BlackBerry Pilgrimage

With all the buzz surrounding Apple, it is easy to forget that developers have been building apps for RIM years before the iPhone was but a gleam in Steve Jobs’ eye.   Well, in November, over 1000 such developers will make the pilgrimage to the 2009 BlackBerry Developer Conference in San Francisco.  In what may be a surprise to our readers, the BlackBerry app community is thriving with more than 2,000 apps in BlackBerry AppWorld…plus countless more that are distributed through other channels.  Much is made of iPhone’s 65,000+ apps, but good luck trying to browse for an app that’s not in its categories’ Top 100 list.  When it comes to searching for a quality car navigation app or streaming media player for your smartphone, 2,000 and 65,000 are essentially the same.

At any rate, it is good for everyone involved to see developers thrive on both platforms.   We’re sure they’ll be lots of exciting announcements at the event.  If you’re attending, please to stop by and say hello.  This video (with a Cameo appearance by our VP of BizDev) is a preview for those thinking about coming.

June 18, 2009

Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Norwegian and Travel Inc. added to WorldMate Itinerary Generator

This week, we've added three European airlines - Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines and Norwegian Air Shuttle, as well as a top-25 US travel management company. Itineraries booked directly with these companies  are now supported by WorldMate's itinerary generator. Users can simply forward their confirmation emails to to have all details added to their WorldMate itineraries.


 Austrian Airlines, Austria's flag carrier operates out of Vienna and is a Star Alliance member. It has recently been acquired by Lufthansa.


Brussels Airlines, another Star Alliance member is Belgium's largest carrier.


Norwegian Air Shuttle is one of Europe's largest low-cost carriers and the second largest carrier in Scandinavia. As you've guessed, it's headquartered in Oslo and serves many Scandinavian WorldMate users.

Travel Inc. is a mid-size travel management company operating out of Atlanta GA and serving Fortune 500s as well as smaller customers.

All four of these are now part of the hundreds of companies already supported by WorldMate's itinerary generator. WorldMate users can have itineraries created automatically for them from the confirmation emails and then synchronized with their BlackBerries or iPhones.

May 28, 2009

WorldMate Itinerary Generator Update: Just Added Frontier Airlines

Good news!  We've just added support for itineraries booked directly with Frontier Airlines . Frontier Airlines is a low-cost airline headquartered in Denver, Colorado,  that is quite popular with our members in the Rocky Mountains states. Frontier is now offering some very cheap flights around it's hub!

WorldMate users can now forward the confirmation emails they get from Frontier directly to to have the flight info added to their itineraries automatically. And of course we also have flight schedulesflight status and pushed flight alerts for Frontier.
This brings the number of different companies whose emails we support to 99. Guess who'll be the 100th ?


May 22, 2009

BlackBerry Cool Names WorldMate Live: Top Summer BlackBerry Travel App

The good people at BlackBerry Cool, one of our favorite blogs, have just published a piece titled "Top 5 summer travel apps in BlackBerry App World" stating "’ll save your business money as well as keep focused on the important things while leaving the legwork to WorldMate". We're blushing...

May 21, 2009

WorldMate Itinerary Generator Now Supports Flybe

We are continuing to grow our parsing support for travel confirmation emails coming from European providers. We've just launched support for Flybe - Europe's largest independent regional airline carrier. Flybe was named 'Regional Airline of the Year 2009' and operates throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. 


So from now on our Itinerary Generator can automatically add flights booked with this airline directly to our mobile itineraries, so their details are available on your BlackBerry or Windows Mobile phone and they can be automatically tracked for you. Of course, flight schedules and flight status / alerts for Flybe are also available!

To learn more about WorldMate's Itinerary Generator and how it automatically builds your travel plans and puts them on your mobile phone - read this article.     

April 14, 2009

WorldMate's Flight Alerts Replace Airport Departures Boards


The information you're used to finding on airports' electronic boards - delays, cancellations, gate and time of departure - are all part of the WorldMate Flight Alerts feature. But our Alerts enable you to find out about delayed or cancelled flights in real time, way before you get to the airport. So instead of leaving a meeting early to catch a flight, just to realize the flight has been delayed once you're already at the airport, you can now know about it in advance and plan accordingly. You'll even receive an Alert if only your gate number changes. And the best thing is this works automatically with virtually any airline in the Western world - no need to register separately for each flight with specific airlines. If your flight is in your itinerary, and you're a Gold member - you'll get the alert. Alerts are available on WorldMate for BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian devices. Flight Status is also available on our Palm and iPhone products.



WorldMate's Flight Schedules feature list all the flights on a specific chosen route - say from LA to NY. You can use it on a daily basis instead of online sites like Kayak, or in a last-minute situation after receiving an Alert about a change in the flight you were planning to travel on. Find the flight that's right for you and book it on the spot without having to talk to airline personnel or wait on line for help.


The application's Travel Directory lists phone numbers for airlines, hotels and car rental companies to help you make bookings and change them.

Basically what we're saying is that the old familiar scene of people standing around a large monitor or bulletin board at airports and railroad stations... waiting for the board to post information which is relevant to them... that's just not necessary anymore. Why rush to a board and stand there frantically looking for your gate if you can have it all in the palm of your hand way in advance? It's a 20th century scene ;). That information is already available on mobile and our Alerts show up on your screen automatically so you don't even have to look for them. All you'll need to do is go straight to the counter and check in.

Questions? Suggestions? Please post them here and we'll get the discussion going.