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May 07, 2015

You're Invited! Join Our Beta Testers!

We're very excited to announce the brand new version of WorldMate for iOS which is going to introduce some new, super cool features, as well as a new UI for our iPhone app home screen.

Before we introduce it to the public, we need smart, savvy individuals to provide feedback that we can use to improve the final version before going live, which is where you come in.

We ask you to join our group of beta testers, and be actively involved by suggesting ideas and identifying issues, here's how to become a part of it:


  1. Enter your email in this form Note: We will not be able to send you the version until you've entered, so don't skip this step!
  2. You will receive an email from iTunes titled "TestFlight: You're invited to test WorldMate". Follow the instructions in the email to download the new version
  3. Give it a try!


Our team is listening! Submit your feedback by emailing

We hope you enjoy, and we thank you for your participation!

WorldMate Team


*To join you must be a Gold WorldMate user with iOS 8*

**Please note that when you agree to take part in a closed beta program you are asked to refrain from sharing any information without prior consent from WorldMate.**

July 13, 2010

WorldMate 4.0 With TripCatch: Let WorldMate Work For You

We're excited. Big time. For the last six months we've been working on TripCatch - the next phase in making WorldMate an even more convenient way for you to plan and manage your travel. We're just out of a closed Beta with about 1,000 active users, who told us quite plainly - "We love it". Well now you can get WorldMate with TripCatch too (well, on BlackBerry, for now).


What is TripCatch?

If you're reading this, you probably already know that WorldMate automates itinerary creation by reading the confirmation emails you forward to it, assembling the information in them into itineraries and adding location and meeting details. So far, you had to forward your confirmation emails to manually. With TripCatch - even this is automated for you. TripCatch automatically identifies confirmation emails sent to you by travel agents, airlines, hotel chains etc., and integrates them into your itinerary. In plain English - TripCatch knows a certain email is a confirmation email and automatically takes care of it for you, it's that simple.

So what's so great about TripCatch?

TripCatch not only saves you the effort of manually forwarding an email. It also means that as soon as you get a confirmation email, WorldMate knows about your booking and can add it to your itinerary and start tracking it for you. So when you embark on your trip, you're guaranteed you have all your travel details with you. And as soon as you book something, WorldMate can help you with that booking - or assist with booking what you're still missing.TripCatch takes the hassle out of creating your itinerary. Whenever you enter WorldMate on your BlackBerry or on our website, your itinerary will already be built and will include all of your travel plans. It will save you time and effort and will make the whole process a lot easier.

I'm a control-freak. Can I retain control?

With TripCatch, you decide the level of automation you want. You can choose to have TripCatch alert you whenever a travel confirmation email is detected - at which point you can decide if you want to integrate that booking into your itinerary or not. Or you can decide to Always have TripCatch integrate the bookings it detects, and have a fully automated process. The choice is always in your hands.


So is WorldMate now looking into my inbox?

Your Privacy and Security Are Assured.

At WorldMate we take our members’ privacy very seriously. We built TripCatch with that goal in mind – it works quietly in the background only picking up travel-related emails. It filters emails with only very specific travel expressions and is careful not to pick up other messages.  It is optimized such that it almost never "catches" the wrong email. In fact, we had it catch dozens of thousands of emails during the private beta period, with virtually zero non-travel emails caught. Furthermore, all emails are immediately deleted off our server after they are parsed (including the ones that are "misses"), so even in the rare case the wrong email is caught, it is immediately deleted without a trace.

Your privacy is our concern. So much - that you don't have to take our word for it.We’ve partnered with privacy leader TRUSTe. They’ve certified our software and databases with the TRUSTe Privacy Seal to verify that your information is safe with us. Please see our privacy policy for more information about how we maintain your privacy.

How can I help TripCatch get even better?

If you appreciate the value of technology like TripCatch, you can help us improve it even further. We've launched TripCatch as a Beta to make sure we have an opportunity to keep improving it. If you'd like to assist us - please join our Product Improvement Program. By doing so you'll enable us to analyze those emails that TripCatch "misses", so that we can improve it even further.

Hey, what about us iPhone users?

We are working to enable TripCatch for you too. It is a little tricky, as iOS has different limitations, but we'll get there. And you'll be the first to know.

August 06, 2009

The Best iPhone Travel App is Now Also The Best Selling One

Apologies in advance for the amount of glee in this post... Yesterday, WorldMate got a great review on TechCrunch titled "WorldMate a Must Have iPhone App for Road Warriors". To celebrate we provided free activation codes which ran out within 20 minutes (the App Store only allows a developer to issue 50 of those), so we agreed to drop the price for 24 hours.

It looks like the dam has broken! Urged on by an onslaught of Tweets, Diggs and comments, iPhone users got it instantly - here's something which provides concrete value, saves them time and stress.  The results followed within 12 hours:


We're proud to be #1!  But we also realize our work is far from done. Our iPhone product, while being the best travel app for the iPhone, is still not on par with what we have on other platforms, especially BlackBerry. We pledge to continue working on making it even better - filling some key product gaps suggested by some users, as well as implementing some of our own ideas!

Onwards and Upwards!

July 16, 2009

WorldMate Named AlwaysOn Global 250 Winner

AO250 - AlwaysOn 250 Global Winner Badge

 If you've been following WorldMate, you probably appreciate the level of innovation and technological capabilities that we've put into our WorldMate mobile and web products. We're pretty happy with what we've built (although it's really just the tip of the iceberg in comparison to what we still want to build) and what we've achieved from a user following perspective so far. But nothing beats getting recognition from industry pundits, especially people like AlwaysOn and Tony Perkins .So we're simply thrilled to be named an AlwaysOn Global 250 company in Wireless. AlwaysOn editors compiled the seventh annual elite Global 250 list (previously known as the AlwaysOn 100) with assistance from KPMG's emerging business practice, KPMG VC Practice. Together they surveyed hundreds of venture investors, investment bankers, and technology insiders, who nominated more than 800 companies to determine the AlwaysOn Global 250 winners

Here's the WorldMate Named AlwaysOn Global 250 Winner Press Release.

And here's a link to the winners web page.

June 03, 2009

WorldMate for iPhone Takes Off- The World’s #1 Mobile Travel App Now Available for iPhone

The day has finally come.  WorldMate is now available for the iPhone and iPod!  We invested a ton of resources making this the biggest launch yet for our company, which is really saying something given our 9 year history.  A big thank you for a job well done to our R&D and Product teams stewarded by Gilad and Jonathan.



WorldMate for iPhone is the culmination of over 100 man years of mobile app development, and we think you'll find it one of the most innovate, robust and rich iPhone apps to date.  It comes in two versions-- WorldMate (free)  and WorldMate Gold ($39.99). 

Each version packs a wealth of functionality: 


Service: WorldMate WorldMate Gold
Itinerary Manager
Flight Search
World Clock
World Weather
Currency Converter
Automated Flight Status Updates:  
Priority Customer Support:  

WorldMate for iPhone features the world-leading WorldMate Itinerary Generator. You can automatically have itineraries created by simply forwarding confirmation emails to Or you can export information directly from Microsoft Outlook using our Outlook Add-in. Or you can use the website to edit your trip, view your trip on the map and more. All this information is directly synchronized with your iPhone so that you have all the details at your fingertips while traveling.


 Flight status has always been a WorldMate favorite and so we offer it in the iPhone version in partnership with  Over 350 airlines are supported.  The free version links out from your itinerary to while the Gold version integrates flight status and automatic updates directly within the app. This means that as soon as you open the app - the status of upcoming flights will be displayed and you'll immediately be alerted of flight delays.



Flight Schedule lookups are also included and we continue to work with OAG to provide schedules for almost every commercial flight worldwide. Many WorldMate members use this feature to search for low cost and regional airlines’ flights into certain cities.  You often won’t get such details from Kayak or a major travel agency such as Expedia.  Check it out before booking your next flight; it could save you a lot of time and money. And if you're stuck somewhere cause your flight was cancelled or you missed a connection - one click on Alternative Flights in your itinerary will help you figure out what your alternatives are - so by the time you speak to the airline / agent, you know what they can do for you.


And for something completely new, check out the brilliant weather graphics on the summary screen.   WorldMate serves up a multitude of images depending on the current conditions.  No more tiny weather icons.  Now you can almost ‘feel’ the weather with a quick glance.


And if that's not enough - WorldMate for iPhone includes a Currency Converter with automatic exchange rate updates, a world clock that updates automatically when you land, and more!


Mob_6    Mob_4   

For the hard core WorldMate fans, you will notice that we are including advertising in the free version.  This is a first for WorldMate and makes it possible to provide extra services such as complimentary Flight Schedules.   Of course, for those of you who prefer to avoid the ads, there is WorldMate Gold, which includes customer support and the aforementioned automated flight status updates. 

 We are thrilled with our first foray into iPhone but we’re by no means resting on our laurels.  Gilad’s and Jonathan’s teams are already hard at work on a future iteration that will take advantage of all the great things you can do with iPhone 3.0.  Try WorldMate for iPhone today  and follow our progress through our free series of updates. We promise at least two significant upgrades  before the end of summer, with services never before seen on an iPhone.


We are working on the next version - so let us know what else you want by commenting here. And if you like WorldMate and want to see us grow it further - please tell as many people as possible about it by sharing this post with your friends and colleagues!

... your Mates at WorldMate



April 30, 2009

At the moment of surrender - or why WorldMate for iPhone, and why NOW

If you have come here searching for WorldMate for Android, follow the link to sign-up for the WorldMate Android Beta

For over a year now, we've been inundated with questions (initially), requests (later) and grunts (lately) regarding WorldMate for the iPhone. Initially, it was simply WorldMate's history - we've had WorldMate on Palm OS, Windows Mobile, Symbian UIQ, S60, S80, S90, J2ME, Windows Desktop, BlackBerry... people naturally assumed we'd automatically do iPhone too. Later it was surprise - as it seemed like the iPhone app market is a huge opportunity for developers - how come a long-established and category leading brand like WorldMate isn't there?

On our CEO's blog he explained our rationale. In retrospect, it's interesting to see how the iPhone and our perception of it changed over time. In August 2007 he stated "What the iPhone definitely isn't is a good business tool". In October 2008 he asked users to petition Apple to allow us to do push, background processing etc. to enable the Auto-updating and Alert functionality in WorldMate Live. By then, it was clear to us that the iPhone is here to stay, and that iPhone desire, even crave WorldMate - and that we can't ignore their pleas. The comments we got ranged from enouragement - e.g. "I think worldmate live is a great application and I'd love to see it on iphone" to"I switched from BlackBerry, and not having WM is killing me."

But still we dragged our feet. Why? the reasons above had much to do with it. Our pre-occupation with Windows Mobile, Symbian etc. contributed too. But mostly,  we were concerned about the business model. You see, WorldMate Live is a $99/year service. The propsects of selling in a market where the so-called leaders sell $0.99 mini-apps is daunting. In January 2009, when we were examining the iPhone App Store success stories a little closer in the post titled "iPhone, iTunes, iFart..." we asked people what they thought we should do. We were encouraged to hear responses like:

"a high price suggests higher value and differentiation from the low quality apps out there - from seeing who's carrying iphones in the big cities, seems like there'll be enough happy customers for the worldmate live app."


"If people are willing to pay $.99 for crappy apps and odd sounds, imagine what they would pay for an app that is actually useful and works wonderfully like WorldMate Live."

These responses marked the trigger for our iPhone development. But WorldMate Live is a BIG system.  We have an 8-person team working on it since January. When it's released, it will arguably be the biggest, richest iPhone app out there.And in the mean time, we still have quite a few dilemmas and debates. Some of which we aired in public in March. At this stage, it seems like the audience wasn't too appreciative anymore, and the comments we got were a little less appreciative...

"What I think is that you are very bitter... Now I have the iphone, as it is in my opinion the better platform I now look forward to getting a product similar to WM from someone else, it will now only be a matter of time..."

Last month, Apple announced iPhone SDK 3.0. It doesn't let us do everything we want to be able to do, but it's a huge step forward. By this summer, it will allow us some limited push functionality, and management of paid subscriptions. For us, this is a coming-of-age of this platform, and we want to be on it - ASAP.

The iPhone has revolutionized the smartphone market in several ways. The most important one is not technological or design-centric - it has to do with the marketing message. Apple is focusing it on the availability of applications - stuff to do with your phone beyond voice / SMS / Email. Everyone in the mobile software business has been pleading with manufacturers and operators for years to do this. These manufacturers built great smartphones, then marketed them as "camera phones", "camcorder phones" (remember the Nokia 6620?) and "communicators". In doing so they've been sending the wrong message to their customers, and delaying the smartphone revolution. In a way you could say that these companies they were not confident in their product. Maybe the engineers and product managers unsderstood apps. The marketers didn't. Nokia was not really sure that the 9300 is good for anything beyond communications. RIM was not sure BlackBerries are really more than e-mail devices.

Apple is confident. And with this confidence they set out to show the public that these devices they've built can do all those "new" things. TV commercials showing apps on the iPhone. Full-page ads showing just an iPhone with apps. Apple retail shop-fronts with displays of hundreds of apps – can the message get any clearer?

2 years ago, if you downloaded an app to your smartphone, you were a geek. Now you're cool.

On top of this – the iPhone is currently the best mobile platform for content consumption. Between the great screen to the elegant and highly usable UI, a great medium was from an ergonomic perspective. Regardless if what you're looking at is your travel itinerary, a news article or a video clip – the iPhone is probably the best mobile platform to consume this content, and competes well even with other media – from paper through television to desktop computers.

So – what we have here is a platform whose users see as a great medium to carry and consume content on.  Millions of business professionals have turned it into their preferred tool. Their use of it corresponds closely to our WorldMate vision – they carry their info, access it, look up info they need in real time, and react to it - directly on their iPhones.

 Warranted – the lack of some key features still puts it at a disadvantage – if we could push info to you, we'd be able to provide you with the context-sensitive alert capabilities of WorldMate Live. If you had a keyboard, data-entry operations would be easier. And we're still concerned with app pricing, which makes it hard for us to get back the millions of $ we put in the WorldMate Live system. But it's time we move forward – and that is what we're doing. So it's not long now before we'll release WorldMate for the iPhone. In the mean time we invite you to tell us what you want, what you think and what you need. And if you'd like to be notified as soon as it's available – just click here to register for that notification.

April 27, 2009

New travel providers supported

We've just added support for Air New Zealand and Worldspan. This means itineraries you get by email from either of those can automatically generate travel itineraries in WorldMate Live. Check out if you're not sure how this works.

March 17, 2009

You Asked - We Listened. Now Click thru to Google Maps!

Ever since we issued the newsletter and article last month about the free mapping functionality in WorldMate Live, we've been inundated by requests from users to integrate Google Maps as well as the other mapping and navigation apps we support (including BlackBerry Maps, AT&T Navigator, Mapquest Navigator and others). Apparently Google Maps for Mobile has some interesting advantages - it's a free download, and has mapping coverage for places like Australia and New Zealand - that are not covered by the free BlackBerry Maps.

It wasn't trivial, but we got it. Earlier today we released WorldMate Live 2.7 for BlackBerry - as always, a free application, which integrates into Google Maps. You can simply click "Map" on any item in an itinerary to view it on a map:

Click-thru ...  Google_Maps

The latest Google Maps for Mobile is available for download on . To upgrade to the latest version of WorldMate Live - browse to on your BlackBerry.

To learn more about the free mapping functionality in WorldMate - check out
Using WorldMate Live’s free mapping services to find your way

March 01, 2009

BlackBerry Cool Reviews WorldMate Live


BlackBerryCool - "The Voice of The BlackBerry Community" has posted a thorough review of WorldMate Live, where they state that "WorldMate Live has done an excellent job of aggregating all your travel needs into one user-friendly system. The software truly embodies the spirit of BlackBerry, which is making enterprise more efficient and effective. Not only is it great for enterprise, this is also a consumer app. From backpackers to holiday goers, WorldMate Live makes everything that much easier."

Thanks, Kyle!

February 25, 2009

WorldMate Wins GSMA Award!

Our latest (but not last) award - WorldMate was named the "Most Innovative Mobile Application in a Vertical Marketby the GSMA at the Mobile World Congress last week. The GSMA is the world's largest and most prestigious association of mobile-related companies, spanning 219 countries, and uniting more than 750 of the world's mobile operators, as well as 200 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem. This makes this one of the most prestigious awards out there. We were pitted against dozens of other companies, and I believe the messages that resonated with the judges were:

* Travel is going to be a huge business on mobile
* WorldMate is the leader of the pack - with the best-of-breed mobile travel application and clear thought leadership

Congratulations to the team, and Kudos to Ian, whose been so good with the presentation Apple are considering him for the next iPhone launch, in Steve Jobs' absence...