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March 09, 2015

What Do You Need to Know Before Starting to Develop for Apple Watch?

During our first hackathon we decided to tackle the topic of wearable watches. The team divided into groups of 4 to develop prototypes for Android Wear or the highly anticipated Apple Watch using the first beta of WatchKit.

In today’s event, Apple is expected to finally shed some light over Apple Watch, its features, sensors, battery consumption and most importantly, the possibilities for 3rd party apps developers. We decided to give you a first look of what it is like to develop apps for Apple Watch before you start coding.


What Is a Watch App?

The mobile industry is built on engaging users by putting information that impacts their work, life and habits right when they need it. Wearables add a whole new layer to it, making everything accessible right from their wrist. The right Watch app should be focusing on the ability to seamlessly move from the watch to iPhone and back.


The Potential is amazing!

It is amazingly simple to add support for the Apple Watch as an extension of your main app. The transition is so intuitive it feels almost natural.

There are limitless options of what you can create based on what the Watch app can display and receive. A watch app can present actionable notifications and “Glances,” Apple’s quick-look feature meant to save time.

It is far easier to develop a watch app if you have iOS 8 Today Widget already in place as it uses the similar elements you used for developing the Widget.


What Can’t a Watch App Do?

The Apple Watch concept designed as an extension to the app, not the entire app crammed into your wrist. Heavy lifting features are left to the iPhone mobile app.

The WatchKit extension lives on the phone and contains all the watch app logic that controls what is displayed on the Watch and how the app responds to user input.

There are also some other battery-conserving limitations that need to be considered when building watch apps. Watch apps don’t have access to the watch hardware or sensors, including the heart rate monitor, audio, speaker or the vibrating engine.

We held out hackathon when only the first beta was out and only allow basic functionality. We believe as the Apple Watch become closer more abilities will be open in the future to developers to be ready to launch.


On your marks, get ready..

With the world counting down to the big launch, attention turns to the best Apple Watch apps that will make or break this landmark device. Join us to view today’s announcement.


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Amazing post..Developers can get much help from this article before they start to develop iwatch app..

Great Post. latest about Apple Watch - Salesforce Launches 20 Apple Watch Apps For Doing Business On Your Wrist

Technology is changing life of business & Startups my friend! There will be a day when everything can be operated from Apple watch.

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