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March 06, 2015

Around the World: Business Travel Tips for Women, from Women - Part 2

If you joined in on our last blog post, we offered business travel tips from women for women on planning and preparation, packing, safety, and health and wellness to ensure that your business travel experience goes smoothly. But preparing for the trip is just the first step. The whole experience will depend on how you actually make the most out of it while you’re at your destination. Here’s part two of our two-part blog series guiding women on the road to enhance the business travel experience. After all, it’s easy to stay in the comfort of your hotel room with all of the right amenities at the the tip of your fingertips

While your hotel might be the easy choice to hang out after hours, it’s likely not every day that you’re given the opportunity to explore outside of your desk, cubicle, or office. So whether it’s New York, Dallas, Portland or Los Angeles, here are some tips to help you master the local scene and meet new people, while maintaining your relationships at home.


Mastering the Local Scene

Mastering the Local Scene

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How can travelers blend in with the locals and find the hottest spots for food and drinks? Insert quotes from influencers on how savvy business women can avoid tourist traps.’s Samantha Shankman has an easy solution: talk to locals!

"I make it a point to take a few hours by myself and try to talk to as many locals as possible. This might just be the barista at a coffee shop, but gaining insights into a destination adds layers to what can otherwise be a strictly business endeavor."- Samantha Shankman, Reporter,


Maintaining Relationships

Maintaining Relationships

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One of the hardest parts of business travel is missing time with loved ones. However, from Skype/FaceTime to text messages, technology has made it much easier for people miles apart to connect. Here’s how you can make sure your business trips don’t turn into guilt trips.

"The best way to stay in touch with loved ones while traveling is through Skype, Google Hangouts, or FaceTime. Gone are the days of long distance phone calls. Just by logging in to your hotel's wifi, you're able to chat with family and friends face-to-face. All you need to do is coordinate a time and the best way to do that is to check your time zone. Thankfully, there's an app for that too." – Rachelle Lucas,

"Email is great for sending observations and notes from a foreign destination back home and to several people at once. I’m also a huge fan of photos so either just texting a photo or using an app like SnapChat makes me feel like my loved ones are experiencing a new place with me." - Samantha Shankman, Reporter,


Meeting New People and Networking


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Dinner and drinks during business travel doesn’t have to be such a lonely affair anymore. Well-known travel personality Debra Corbeil also advises to do your research beforehand.

"I often look to see who will be at the conference or destination and make a connection through LinkedIn or email. Introduce yourself and plan a meeting in advance. It's a great way to break the ice and be one step ahead of the game. Since you've already talked through social media or email, you already have one connection that you can sit with at lunch or say hello to in the morning." - Debra Corbeil, The Planet D

In addition, Invite For A Bite is a safe service that allows women to meet with other women in a safe environment.

WorldMate has also made it easier for its customers to connect with colleagues while traveling. After opting in, WorldMate will notify you if someone in your social network is also in town.

Lastly, Redbubble’s Nancy Page had a few words of advice to increase productivity and ensure the best business travel experience for everyone.

"While scheduling your time in advance is key to making the most of your trip, and you'll find that time books up fast with meeting after meeting after meeting, make sure to schedule some 'free' time too. Use this time for impromptu chats, getting some fresh air or getting to your colleagues better. I find the most fruitful discussions and creative ideas come about in relaxed, unplanned, settings. Ditch the office for a bit and go for a walk, grab a coffee, or view some street art with your work buddies. You might be surprised just how many ideas and solutions come about, and at the very least you'll get to soak up some vitamin D." - Nancy Page, Artist Relationship Manager, Redbubble

Business travel can sometimes be a daunting or lonely, but with the tips above and WorldMate at your side, your next business trip can be a much more enjoyable experience. Download WorldMate for your iPhone or Android.

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