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August 23, 2012

WorldMate Launches The Next Big Thing on iPhone

At WorldMate, we’ve had a long history of firsts: the first travel app (2000), the first to parse travel confirmation emails and build trip itineraries (2007), the first to have in-app hotel booking (2008), and on and on.

Today we’re launching yet another first on iPhone— and it is huge! So big that it will re-draw the travel industry landscape. Travelers will love it, while the old guard in the travel industry will loathe it…. exactly the reactions one would expect when disrupting a massive industry.


So what is it we’re launching?


We call it Hotel Price Alerts, and it is light years ahead of those cumbersome price alerts for flights you may have seen from other companies.

The service, which is a free feature within WorldMate for iPhone, will automatically review your hotel reservations and let you know when we find a better deal for you.

The deal will come in one of three flavors:

  • A better price for the same hotel room
  • A better price for a similar room at a nearby hotel
  • A similar price for a much better room at a nearby hotel


We source the deals from our inventory of over 100,000 hotels worldwide, and the resulting offer is tailored to you by taking into account your upcoming trip, your stated preferences and your history of previous reservations. The price alert will then magically appear in your WorldMate itinerary.


But that’s not all. The Hotel Price Alert service makes it simple for you to book the deal directly within WorldMate within a few clicks. We can even store your personal and business credit cards to make booking a cinch whether it's a leisure or business trip.

What about canceling my original hotel booking? We’ve got that covered too. WorldMate deploys another patent-pending technology called LinkCatch to capture the cancellation policies and methods from your original hotel booking so that we can facilitate your cancelation with just a couple of clicks.


So, in review, the Hotel Price Alert Service

  1. Notifies you when we have a lower price for your hotel room (or a similar room at a nearby hotel)
  2. Enables you to book that room a few clicks
  3. Cancels your original reservation with a couple more clicks
  4. Is free


WorldMate’s Hotel Price Alerts will save you dozens, or even hundreds, of dollars per trip. It’s also going to alleviate that nagging feeling of “Am I getting hosed on the price I just paid for my hotel?” And finally it will prevent all those headaches when you want to cancel and re-book.


Given that we’ve got the best mobile team in the business by miles and have our LinkCatch patent pending, it is going to be a big challenge for everyone else in the industry to catch up. At the very least, it will to take them years to do so.

Until they do, WorldMate stands alone in the quest to do right by you and the hundreds of millions of other travelers around the globe.


If you have an iPhone (other platforms to follow soon), download WorldMate for free and give our Hotel Price Alerts a try.

Download WorldMate from the App Store


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