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March 03, 2011

Big changes for our BlackBerry users – new look, new features, new price (free), new name – BlackBerry® Travel™

BlackBerry Travel

Exciting news for our long-time and loyal BlackBerry® users, as well as all travelers that carry a BlackBerry – today, in a joint effort with Research in Motion (RIM), we bring the Gold Service to the new BlackBerry® Travel™ Super App. This collaboration lets us take the best travel app for BlackBerry® and add a great new look, as well as a bunch of powerful new features. And the best news, all BlackBerry® smartphone customers can get it right now, and it’s a free app! Where do you find BlackBerry Travel? Just go to the Test Center category on BlackBerry App World™ and download BlackBerry® Travel™, and you have a new, even more powerful travel app at your fingertips. (for now Blackberry Travel is availible in the USA, Canada, the UK and Spain. More countries coming soon).

Download in the App Store

Here are the features you know and love, as well as the new ones you’ll find in BlackBerry® Travel™:

  • Automatic Trip Scanning – As soon as your itinerary hits your inbox it is automatically and seamlessly loaded into the app
  • All-In-One Service – No need to browse websites or other apps, everything is right at your fingertips from planning, booking, and alerts to integration with LinkedIn® and Yelp®
  • Search and Book Hotels – Simply search for hotels in the area you plan to stay and book the one that suits your needs and budget
  • Travel Notifications – No need to look up flight status, the information will push as it is available; you will know immediately if there are flight delays or cancellations
  • Alternative Flights – Flight cancelled or delayed? Search for flights from any airport worldwide to find a new flight quickly and easily
  • Easy Sharing – Share your travel details with friends, family or colleagues on LinkedIn from within the app. Update your status or search for people who may be in town at the same time as you
  • Know Your Destination – Easy to use currency converter, weather forecasts, and any information you may need about every leg of your journey

WorldMate continues to expand its technology and deep travel and mobile expertise to better serve the traveler and our collaboration with RIM allows us to bring the convenience of mobile travel services to the world. BlackBerry® Travel™ represents the most sophisticated end user experience in functionality, automation and polish, making it easier than ever to manage all aspects of your travel from your smartphone. Let's make this the kick-start for the next era of travel.


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That was good news to all blackberry users. Is there any available blackberry in some selected stores? I think that super app of blackberry is very awesome and will be like most of the blackberry users. I hope you will have loads of apps to offer.

Does it mean that there is no more specific topics for Gold user ?

I can't seem to get the new Blackberry Travel app to work. I've been a worldmate customer for over a yearand have encouraged our sales staff to hop on board. Heading to an annual sales meeting and would like to bring up the new app, if I can get it to work. Any ideas? I tried forwarding my reservations and pulling from my in box, but it still has no trips in the queue.

Thank you

I'm having the same problem. I've been using WorldMate, and I've sent my itineraries to this new app. But no trips are showing up.

Not sure if this one was ready for prime time.

I like and understand fully your topic and bookmark it for future post of you. wish you all the best of all.Excellent post for me and thank you for this.

Excellent post and very helpful for me. I've find some new idea to read this article.

Loved this app until the upgrade 2 days ago. Now it says "cannot connect to the internet". Wish someone would fix this because I really liked it.

I thought it was just me! Hate it when upgrades break something that has been working perfectly
Any idea when this will be fixed?

I am simply gobsmacked about the unfathomable way this application is being rolled out to add New Zealand to the list, and don't add Australia?

Sorry, but to be honest, the list of countries does not make sense (you add Nigeria, and not South Africa (which by the way, is experiencing some of the biggest BlackBerry growth percentages around!).

I certainly do hope something positive happens sooner rather than later.

@TferThomas on twitter

app download is not offered for a 9800 even it is mentioned to be compatible? Will worldmate gold supported and have different features?

Please add Chile to the Country List..... i've used Worldmate for almost 2 years and am anxious to have this new app up and runing!!!


A bit foolish of me to have payed for the Gold Version.
Is there a way I can transfer my Gold subsription to my Android?

Can I still use my worldmate live and input trips there and will it sync with the Blackberry Travel or vice versa?

Blackberry Travel, what about Germany ???

BEWARE - you will see that Blackberry tell you that one of the system requirements is "BlackBerry Internet Bundle browsing capabilities". This is code for only working with BlackBerry Internet Service. It does NOT work via a BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

That is one powerful BlackBerry app, alright. I think the Travel Notifications feature is a very useful one. Not only does it provide information, but it also gives the user the feeling of security about his/her schedule. Nothing's a worse spoiler than postponed plans, so keeping yourself updated with the status of your flights maintains the positive travel vibes.

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But its name should be BB Travel.

Blackberry Travel only works on a Blackberry if you run it using a BIS service. It does not work if your handset runs a BES (Business Enterprise Service) via your company, which sort of defeats the object of the app as most users will surely be business people. I know this as I spent months trying to find out why it worked and then stopped when I upgraded the app to the latest software version. So why can't Worldmate make it run on BES as well as BIS?

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Great stuff. I'm life to count on to bring out irrefutable again to bring about decided I got it all.

Great stuff. I'm life to count on to bring out irrefutable again to bring about decided I got it all.

I asked for my account to be discontinued, but am still getting a ping from Worldmate each time I make a reservation of any kind. That tells me Worldmate is still tracking my email address. I cannot access my account. The customer support page on the website asks me for reference number and activation code which I do not have.
There is no phone number on their website to call and request help.
I just need my email address deleted so I do not continue to receive the blank emails from Worldmate.
Please help.

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