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January 06, 2010

Scheduling with the WorldMate on the Web: It’s All in the Timing


WorldMate’s web app makes scheduling meetings a breeze. Schedule your meeting in the web app, and then you can stop thinking about it, because the web app calculates the correct time zone for you.

Better yet, all this information syncs automatically with WorldMate on your smartphone.

Why You Can Zone Out About Time Zones

The WorldMate time zone system works by treating your meeting as a place, not just a time. When you enter the meeting location—whether it’s New York, Singapore, or Sydney—our system keeps track of the correct time, no matter how many datelines you skip.

Even complicating factors like Daylight Savings Time are automatically taken into account. If for example your meeting is in New York, the time of the meeting will always be displayed in Eastern Standard Time—wherever you are in the world.

So when you reach your destination and set your computer for the local time, your meeting times stay the same—because it’s the place that matters, and we’re on it.

Doing Things the Old Way Makes Jack a Dull Boy

Without WorldMate’s web app, what happens? You end up doing one of two things:

  • You schedule meetings on your PC in the local time of your current location. So you’re in London, and you have meetings in New York, Hong Kong, and Melbourne. This means you spend a good twenty minutes calculating what time it is in each of these cities, and then what time the meetings will be in your current London time. And with all your careful calculations, somewhere along the way, it’s easy     to make an error and miscalculate by an hour, perhaps two—just enough     time to make you late, or worse, make you miss the meeting altogether.
  • Another old school way to schedule meetings is in the time zone of your destinations. So if you have meetings in New York, Hong Kong, and Melbourne at 10:00am in each, then 10:00am is what you put in your calendar. Sounds easy, right? Except that you reach your destination and change the local time on your computer, the meeting times will change, too…And you’ll be lost.

Three Time Zones? No Problem!

Now imagine the same scenario—you have three 10:00am meetings in the course of one trip, in New York, Hong Kong and Melbourne. You’re flying from London. But this time, you’re using the WorldMate web app to schedule your meetings. You’ve entered into your itinerary that your meetings are at 10:00am in those three cities.

You don’t have to calculate the time zone. You don’t have to worry about the times changing on your PC.
While you travel around the world, crossing datelines and time zones, your meeting times are fixed in stone. And they’re available on your PC calendar and your smartphone for easy access.

So log in to our web app with your WorldMate user info and start scheduling your meetings today!

(image credt: used with permission)