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September 23, 2009

WorldMate Live 3.0 for Blackberry: Oh, The Places You’ll Go

At last it’s here: A shiny new version of the WorldMate for Blackberry travel app, with sleeker looks and hotter features than ever before. We’ve integrated, the go-to site for restaurant listings, shopping, and nightlife in all major US cities. Now that wealth of information—thousands upon thousands of stores, restaurants and pubs, with customer reviews—fits into the palm of your hand.


 Find the best sushi place nearest you, or a shop that sells the fashions you love. And when you’re done dining and shopping, relax at the city’s highest-rated bar, recommended by hundreds of customer reviews.

WorldMate for Blackberry 3.0 also boasts a streamlined and improved hotel booking feature with sharp hotel photos, and an upgraded Calendar Sync feature.

Eat, Shop and Be Merry with WorldMate's Mobile App

New city? No problem! With our new local search service which integrates Yelp, you'll have everything you need at your fingertips!


  Find the Best Restaurants. Search for restaurants in all major US cities, or select the option to  search for restaurants that are nearby. All locations appear on a map so you can easily find them. Once you've chosen your area, find the restaurants with the highest star ratings and the best  reviews. Ready to reserve a table? Click on the number to make that call!


          For diners with special needs like vegetarians, vegans, or Indian food addicts, this travel app allows           you to search for restaurants by category. Feel like some Vietnamese cuisine? There may be just the place on a block near you.

Big_3D_Yelp_Icon  Shop 'Til You Drop. Or don't drop, because you won't be wasting time and energy searching for the store you need! Whether your glasses need adjusting or you just want to browse the GAP, with just a click you'll know where to go. The Empire State Building is located in a great shopping area for fashion, but did you know there's an office supplies store down the block? With our travel app, you'll know it all.

Big_3D_Yelp_Icon  Be the One Who "Knows a Place." After work, you and your colleagues want to grab a drink before dinner--where do you go? With the reviews of locals at your fingertips, you'll be the one who can suggest the most unique and elegant lounge that tourists never find.

 Book Your Hotel in Style

Our new hotel booking system is smoother and faster, so you can find and book a hotel within seconds.

Hotel search 

With our new system, you get the star rating and prices at a glance. But a picture is worth a thousand words, and that's why we now display photos of the hotels.

Hotels results

 Stay In-Sync With Your Travel Schedule

 To top it off, we've simplified and improved our itinerary / BlackBerry calendar synchronization module. This solved many issues some users have encountered and makes it simpler to keep your calendar (Outlook, Lotus Notes, Entourage or any other) automatically updated with your itinerary - and vice versa.

  In the spirit of keeping WorldMate Live for BlackBerry the best product in the category, these new features are available to all users - free as well as Gold members. So what are you waiting for? Get the upgrade now !


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The new calendar synch is bad--really bad (and I say this as a loyal WorldMate user). Meeting and flight times input into WorldMate synch into my Blackberry as the times in New York (my home zone) instead of at the actual times. Let's say I set up an appointment at 3 PM in LA. If I input the time into WorldMate as 3 PM--the natural thing to do--after synching it shows, on the Blackberry, as 5 PM (the time in New York when the meeting is due to start in LA). The more cities and time zones on a trip, the more messed up the whole calendar gets. Mine got to be useless in about 1 hour, and I have stopped the calendar synch. It was much better the old way.

I'm sorry but this update in my view is terrible. Not only the new calendar sync but also the layout! Why you have chosen to go back to the 90's with your layout is beyond me. You have spent too much time on the iPhone version. How in your right mind can you still charge $100 per year for the blackberry app and only a one time fee of $20 for the iphone version (that does MORE)? I for one will not be renewing this year and will also encourage my office to do the same. A truly pathetic effort.

I like the new features, but the app (Blackberry version, anyway) is still lacking too many of the cities I travel to. So I can't get weather, time zone, etc. I understand that you can't put every city in the world on the app, but you should have an option where I can add my own city, assign a time zone, and assign the correct latitude and longitude so I can get weather updates the next time I visit that city. I would also like to be able to edit city names, so I can show "Ft. Hood" instead of "Killeen, TX" for example. If you would do this I will go "gold" for sure, but not until then.

I agree the calender function is a disaster on the new version and I had to switch it off. New version needs a patch ASAP.

Yes, I must agree with the others that I've seen more stability and incomplete features with the last two release of Worldmate Live 3.0. Sometimes WM has installed, but even after a reboot, the WM icon is not visible.... so I cant use the App! Currently now I've managed to get the icon on my home screen, but each time I try to open a trip itinerary, the WMlive app dies. Sorry as a paying customer, I'm not gonna resubscribe.... TripIt Pro has caught my attention now, plus it has a lot of nice looking features.. particularly the Points & Miles Tracker (which I know has been on my WMLive Wish list for way too long). Bye WM!

The stability in this function has come along way. Although I do look forward to new versions.

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