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September 03, 2009

The BlackBerry Pilgrimage

With all the buzz surrounding Apple, it is easy to forget that developers have been building apps for RIM years before the iPhone was but a gleam in Steve Jobs’ eye.   Well, in November, over 1000 such developers will make the pilgrimage to the 2009 BlackBerry Developer Conference in San Francisco.  In what may be a surprise to our readers, the BlackBerry app community is thriving with more than 2,000 apps in BlackBerry AppWorld…plus countless more that are distributed through other channels.  Much is made of iPhone’s 65,000+ apps, but good luck trying to browse for an app that’s not in its categories’ Top 100 list.  When it comes to searching for a quality car navigation app or streaming media player for your smartphone, 2,000 and 65,000 are essentially the same.

At any rate, it is good for everyone involved to see developers thrive on both platforms.   We’re sure they’ll be lots of exciting announcements at the event.  If you’re attending, please to stop by and say hello.  This video (with a Cameo appearance by our VP of BizDev) is a preview for those thinking about coming.


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