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September 09, 2009

NBTA And The State of the Business Travel

The National Business Travel Association holds a huge annual conference bringing together all the stakeholders in  the business travel market—Travel Management Companies (TMCs), corporate travel managers, airlines, hoteliers, travel technology companies, convention & visitor bureaus, etc.  We’ve just returned from this years show in San Diego and were struck by a couple of encouraging developments.

First of all, there is a lot of optimism even though the business travel has taken a hit along with the rest of the economy.  Some of the downturn was due to political overreaction in Washington D.C. early this year chastising companies for holding national sales events or attending trade shows in ‘luxury’ locals such as Las Vegas.  Ever since, the travel industry has effectively persuaded the federal government that business travel is a key means to foster corporate growth.  In fact, the event kicked-off with words of encouragement relayed from President Obama of his support of the NBTA.  The bottom line is that most attendees sincerely felt that the industry is back on track towards growth and prosperity.

Another key take-away was the substantial buzz about mobile services in general and WorldMate in particular.  We held three days of back-to-back meetings with TMCs which are looking to get a leg up on the competition and to improve their bottom lines through mobile.  These TMCs are getting squeezed in all directions—airlines no longer pay commissions, meta-search and other online consumer services are cutting into their business, and corporations as large as Walmart are moving towards in-house travel departments.  TMCs need mobile to differentiate their offering, improve customer service, and build new distribution for selling travel.  They see great value in partnering with WorldMate because of our mobile expertise and long term industry leadership.  In most of our meetings, there was at least one person who had been a long-time WorldMate user.  One of whom has been a loyal customer since 2001!

We came away from NBTA truly encouraged.  TMCs clearly understand our value proposition and share our vision for the role of mobile in the travel industry.  So, too, do the airlines, hoteliers and road warriors we met.  Everything is falling into place for mobile services to revolutionize business travel…and we promise to continue our efforts to lead this movement.


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Hello Nadav,

How different is your product from Amex product of Axiom?

Is there any co-relation between Rearden Commerce and Worldmate on mobile technology. I saw Axiom as one of your supplier for content. I am kind of confused on link between Axiom and Worldmate if there is any.

I have seen demo pieces of Worldmate and Axiom and they seem quite a like. Please clear confusion in my mind.

Warm regards,

Rajesh Thakur.

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