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August 06, 2009

The Best iPhone Travel App is Now Also The Best Selling One

Apologies in advance for the amount of glee in this post... Yesterday, WorldMate got a great review on TechCrunch titled "WorldMate a Must Have iPhone App for Road Warriors". To celebrate we provided free activation codes which ran out within 20 minutes (the App Store only allows a developer to issue 50 of those), so we agreed to drop the price for 24 hours.

It looks like the dam has broken! Urged on by an onslaught of Tweets, Diggs and comments, iPhone users got it instantly - here's something which provides concrete value, saves them time and stress.  The results followed within 12 hours:


We're proud to be #1!  But we also realize our work is far from done. Our iPhone product, while being the best travel app for the iPhone, is still not on par with what we have on other platforms, especially BlackBerry. We pledge to continue working on making it even better - filling some key product gaps suggested by some users, as well as implementing some of our own ideas!

Onwards and Upwards!


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hmmm, how come the Gold apps is only $9.99 for the iphone and it's $49.95 on symbian?
And there is actually less options on the symbian version.
That's doesn't sounds very fair. Even if the Iphone is very popular, there is still much more symbian phone than Iphone, so is it smart to privilege the iphone....
I would go gold for $9.99, i won't for $49.95.

Can someone please answer this question:

How much will it cost to continue using the full WorldMate service on iPhone after the first year? And how will that cost be charged to the user?

I downloaded yesterday, and made my first hotel reservation for this evening. The reviews looked good, so I was fairly confident this would be a good tool. Well, got to the hotel, and they had the wrong room reserved, and the hotel had no others to accomodate my needs. Had to drive to another hotel, to get the proper room. Not a good start with this service. The hotel showed me the reservations directions they received from worldmate, and it was completely different from what I was promised over the phone. The fact that I called them, verses just trying to do it all online on my blackberry, should have made this a very clear and easily accomodated reservation. My deluxe, 2 queen bed rooom, turned into a regular king bed room. Not to sure I will continue with service, nor upgrade to gold. First impressions are important.

Great product & PR work getting that Tech Crunch review. I missed that, but noted Worldmate in the App Store search results when I was hunting for the Washington Post's Top 35 app Flight Tracker Pro. Knowing the Worldmate brand from the Palm days, I decided to give the app a spin.

Sure the top 25 lists drive on-phone, casual app purchases. That's an amazing carryover from the insanely profitable ringtone sales. Real developers do themselves a disservice by ignoring traditional marketing & promotion channels, especially for a business service like Worldmate. Put an add in the airline magazines...

Dear Art, I am sorry for the trouble you had with the hotel booking. Unfortunately when the representative took your order by phone, that agent neglected to indicate you wanted a deluxe 2 queen bed room. So when you arrived, only a King-sized bed was available. If you chose to book again through WorldMate, we recommend you do so through our booking engine to eliminate the possibility of human error. I realize that this is of little consolation to you now but hope that you give us another shot in the future. Once again, my apologies for your inconvenience. Best regards and safe travels!

Why on earth does the Blackberry application cost $99.95 a year when the iPhone one costs $9.99 for a year? Sure, the Blackberry app is better, but not 10 times better! I'd hesitate to say it's even twice as good.

I'd really like to be a Wordmate Live user, but the $US99.95 price per year is just ridiculous. Most people's mobile phone bills are only about $80 per month -- you're asking them to pay more than 10% extra each month. You'd have to spend your life in the air to get value from that.

Interesting comment. I'd advise you to refer to my post at where I discuss real value and perceived value of such services.

My question, a simple one, is the followign: why does the free version of WM for iPhone have the 5 days weather forecast and the Gold one hasn't?? Shouldn't it be the contrary?

Or will it be implemented with the next update?

Wow. You're quick. We implemented the upgrade on both versions. So far Apple has certified the free version but not the Gold version. We're hoping it will clear their process in the next few days but have no control of that. Once it does the new features are in the Gold version too.

Would be quite useful to have link in app to SeatExpert or SeatGuru.

Thanks, good idea. Do you have a preference? Do you find one is better than the other?

Any idea when the IPAD version will be released, hopefully with all the blackberry bit?

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