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June 03, 2009

WorldMate for iPhone Takes Off- The World’s #1 Mobile Travel App Now Available for iPhone

The day has finally come.  WorldMate is now available for the iPhone and iPod!  We invested a ton of resources making this the biggest launch yet for our company, which is really saying something given our 9 year history.  A big thank you for a job well done to our R&D and Product teams stewarded by Gilad and Jonathan.



WorldMate for iPhone is the culmination of over 100 man years of mobile app development, and we think you'll find it one of the most innovate, robust and rich iPhone apps to date.  It comes in two versions-- WorldMate (free)  and WorldMate Gold ($39.99). 

Each version packs a wealth of functionality: 


Service: WorldMate WorldMate Gold
Itinerary Manager
Flight Search
World Clock
World Weather
Currency Converter
Automated Flight Status Updates:  
Priority Customer Support:  

WorldMate for iPhone features the world-leading WorldMate Itinerary Generator. You can automatically have itineraries created by simply forwarding confirmation emails to Or you can export information directly from Microsoft Outlook using our Outlook Add-in. Or you can use the website to edit your trip, view your trip on the map and more. All this information is directly synchronized with your iPhone so that you have all the details at your fingertips while traveling.


 Flight status has always been a WorldMate favorite and so we offer it in the iPhone version in partnership with  Over 350 airlines are supported.  The free version links out from your itinerary to while the Gold version integrates flight status and automatic updates directly within the app. This means that as soon as you open the app - the status of upcoming flights will be displayed and you'll immediately be alerted of flight delays.



Flight Schedule lookups are also included and we continue to work with OAG to provide schedules for almost every commercial flight worldwide. Many WorldMate members use this feature to search for low cost and regional airlines’ flights into certain cities.  You often won’t get such details from Kayak or a major travel agency such as Expedia.  Check it out before booking your next flight; it could save you a lot of time and money. And if you're stuck somewhere cause your flight was cancelled or you missed a connection - one click on Alternative Flights in your itinerary will help you figure out what your alternatives are - so by the time you speak to the airline / agent, you know what they can do for you.


And for something completely new, check out the brilliant weather graphics on the summary screen.   WorldMate serves up a multitude of images depending on the current conditions.  No more tiny weather icons.  Now you can almost ‘feel’ the weather with a quick glance.


And if that's not enough - WorldMate for iPhone includes a Currency Converter with automatic exchange rate updates, a world clock that updates automatically when you land, and more!


Mob_6    Mob_4   

For the hard core WorldMate fans, you will notice that we are including advertising in the free version.  This is a first for WorldMate and makes it possible to provide extra services such as complimentary Flight Schedules.   Of course, for those of you who prefer to avoid the ads, there is WorldMate Gold, which includes customer support and the aforementioned automated flight status updates. 

 We are thrilled with our first foray into iPhone but we’re by no means resting on our laurels.  Gilad’s and Jonathan’s teams are already hard at work on a future iteration that will take advantage of all the great things you can do with iPhone 3.0.  Try WorldMate for iPhone today  and follow our progress through our free series of updates. We promise at least two significant upgrades  before the end of summer, with services never before seen on an iPhone.


We are working on the next version - so let us know what else you want by commenting here. And if you like WorldMate and want to see us grow it further - please tell as many people as possible about it by sharing this post with your friends and colleagues!

... your Mates at WorldMate




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Great ... Now I can throw away my blackberry and buy an iPhone ;)

at last ... BUT ... GLITCH

The app does not accept email addresses of the form It says "enter a valid email address"


Hi Tomtom,

Thanks for the feedback! We are aware of the issue and already have a fix in place.

We plan to submit an update of the WorldMate Free and Gold versions to the iPhone App Store in the next couple of days. The approval process can take a few extra days so I'd expect to see the updated version in the App Store in a week or so.

You can follow up to the minute updates from the WorldMate Product team on


Jonathan Meiri
VP Product and User Experience, WorldMate

Thanks for the rapid response, but - other than this blog - you have created an infinite loop in hell! I go to your website to report the glitch, but - because my previous Gold sub expired in March (waiting for the iPhone app!) I get an automated response saying that I am not allowed to access customer support as I am not a gold subscriber ....

Ho hum. So do I now lose 2 weeks of my sub (renewed today) because the app does not work for my email address?

Anyway; glitches aside, delighted to have the app back (when I can log in ;) )

So the Gold version for BlackBerry is $99.00 p.a., but for the iPhone it's $39.99 for life ($19.99 special offer)? Not very fair for BB users...

Not exactly. First, it's a one year subscription too. Second, the BlackBerry / Windows Mobile apps are still way richer than the iPhone app - which does not include push, editing on the device, the directory service and much more. Over time, when the versions are more on par, we expect to see matching prices too.

Thanks for the reply. It's not clear from the iTunes store listing that it is only a year's subscription.

I would suggest some features like
- Automatic meteo for the place we are going
- Automatic link to airport web site (if exists in mobile access)
- Automatic link to a Tourist reference on City (in mobile access) (giving information about taxi for instance...)
- Export of meeting from Outlook (and other System)
- Create alarms to wake up (based on location to reach the airport)
- Find a way to automatically check-in

Any chance of calendar sync on the iPhone similar to how it works on the BB app? Thanks.

The iPhone SDK does not allow us to reach into your calendar as on the BlackBerry for instance. You can use our Outlook Add-in to export your meetings. We're also considering some other approaches.

My company is a Lotus Notes shop so the Outlook plugin doesn't help. Any chance of a Notes plug-in? Thanks.

I have used Worldmate for years on my Palm Treo. I purchased your Gold program on my iPhone last night. Although your itinerary features work mostly as advertised (they did not pick up my hotel and rental car in Spain) I was more interested in having the old features that were on my Palm; that is World Clock w/graphics & time zone calc, Metric Conversion Calc, World clothing sizes, tip calc, lists, and telephone country codes! Are their plans to add these in the near future?

I would be nice for some type of auto check in link and reminder in the future.

Some of them will be introduced in the near future, yes. Some make less sense on the iPhone and so probably won't. Much more is coming too.

Lotus Notes: We're not planning a plug-in, but you can simply forward your confirmation emails to .

I will second Nigel's request. I couldn't live without Worldmate on my Palm TX and though I agree that some of the functions are already in the standar iPhone apps from Apple, there would be value (at least to me) to get them all in one place like Worldmate used to be on my Palm.

I'm eagerly waiting for the dash-in-the-email-address fix as my address is like that.

Although I found a fix by adding my hotmail address to my account and then making that my primary. Could still forward my confirmations from my office address but login with the hotmail address on the iPhone.

Oh and for some reason my Air France confirmation can't be added even though I see Air France in the list of supported carriers.

Please create a DateMate app for the iPhone! Nobody has an app like that and if you search the web everyone is screaming for it!!! You can do it!!

I simply can't fathom why a TRAVEL APPLICATION would omit the previously featured PACKING LIST which is so helpful on the Palm platform (and conspicuously absent from the SymbianOS and, now it seems, the iPhone as well).

My memory isn't improving with the years. Maybe that's not true for others, but I doubt it. PLEASE add the Packing List to ALL of your WorldMate offerings. The same applies to the other "small" applets others have cited. Having a fully-functional WorldMate Pro is one of the last hold-ups keeping me from an iPhone. Thanks.

I have to say it's cool to have people refer to our legacy products so loudly. We'll certainly consider this for future versions.

Update: An upgrade is now available on the App Store. Solves the e-mail issue (with the dashes) and a bunch of other small issues.

Anybody checking here should be aware that the Worldmate Gold for iPhone is on sale through July 4th for $9.99. I loved WMG on my BB so quickly grabbed this as my first paid app on new iPhone.

Ther MUST be a way to allow WMG to sync with my Outlook calendar. Even if it sends Outlook calendar appointments to my email address. Still beats the heck out of all that senseless typing!

I'll take the year subscription for $9.99 but don't know that I would re-up at any price without the sync functionality.

I have purchased this and previously used it extensively on my BB and previously using a PocketPC (years ago). However, as noted by users about the calendar plug-in is missing. From my point of view, that was the only real reason I used it on my BB, to keep my international appointments in one place but also in the correct time zone in my BB calendar.

I also only use Macs so an Outlook plug in is no use to me, any thoughts of an Entourage plug-in so I can get it to update my Exchange calendar?

love this application - thanks. Can you add a sync function so world travel loads my itinerary into my iphone calendar automatically.

I second one of the previous comments. Please Please Please reinstate the Packing List. There are other Packing Apps but compared to Worldmate they are rubbish. Far too complex for what we need. Please bring it back exactly as it was. Please don't get clever and make it complex. KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid.

I love WorldMate Gold. I now use it with great satisfaction on my iPhone, after years of use on Plam Treo and Blackberry Bold. However, I have been missing three major functions which were available before and are also mentioned above. Please reinstate these:

1. Packing list
2. Sync of travel itineraries with agenda
3. World Clocks (to check the time in another location instead of changing your current location)

That is a good idea for traveling

Thanks for the accelerated response, but - added than this blog - you accept created an absolute bend in hell! I go to your website to address the glitch, but - because my antecedent Gold sub asleep in March (waiting for the iPhone app!) I get an automatic acknowledgment adage that I am not accustomed to admission chump abutment as I am not a gold subscriber.

WorldMate is now accessible for the iPhone and iPod! We invested a ton of assets authoritative this the better barrage yet for our company, which is absolutely adage article accustomed our 9 year history. A big acknowledge you for a job able-bodied done to our R&D and Product teams stewarded by Gilad and Jonathan.

I accept purchased this and ahead acclimated it abundantly on my BB and ahead application a PocketPC (years ago). However, as acclaimed by users about the agenda constituent is missing. From my point of view, that was the alone absolute acumen I acclimated it on my BB, to accumulate my all-embracing accessories in one abode but additionally in the actual time area in my BB calendar.

Is the sync to my iphone calendar available yet or coming

The iPhone SDK does not allow us to reach into your calendar as on the BlackBerry for instance. You can use our Outlook Add-in to export your meetings.

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