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March 22, 2009

WorldMate 2009 For Symbian is Available!

WorldMate 2009 for Symbian is a huge step forward for Symbian-equipped business travelers. It will make your Nokia or Samsung S60 phone your best friend while traveling, enabling you to make informed, real-time decisions, and put you ahead of other passengers in crisis situations like a delayed or missed flight. Whether you're using a Nokia E71, N95 or the touch-screen N97, it will turn your device into the ultimate travel companion.

The heart of the system is the new home screen or "Dashboard". It gives you some of the key info you need at a glance, including the current location, date, weather and the status of your upcoming flight(*)  . Using the carousel at the bottom of the screen you can reach all other services, including World Clocks, Currency Conversion and Currency Rates, real-time Flight Status(*), comprehensive worldwide Flight Schedules(*), and the Flight Alerts(*) service.  

Picture 030  

WorldMate is a free download, with many services provided for free, including worldwide weather forecasts, world clocks, a currency converter with an online rates update, and a day/night world map:

Scr000098      Picture 023

Scr000037      Picture 039

An extremely popular service is the Weathercaster. You can set it up to read you the weather forecast once or twice a day. Yes, we said "read". Weathercaster speaks out the weather forecast for you...



Professional travelers should go for the Gold-level subscription. For a few Euros a month, this will get you out of situations that would otherwise cost you a lot more time and money. 2 key services for travelers are the real-time Flight Status service and the Flight Alerts (tracking) service. These utilize a real-time status feed covering over 350 airlines worldwide, to tell you in real-time when a flight is delayed, canceled or diverted. Just put in your flight number and date, and the system will start tracking your flight:

Full flight information - terminal, gate, time and status are provided. In case of a change in the flight - delay, cancellation etc., your phone will alert you and provide the latest information:

I'm sure you'd agree this is critical information to get in such a situation. In some cases - it just means leaving for the airport later, or more time to spend in the lounge. But in others - it means you're stranded. How can you get back home? Or get to your meeting in time?

This is where the Flight Schedules service comes in handy. You see, it covers commercial flights for over 800 airlines, and provides both direct and connected flights. So wherever you are, and wherever you're going, it probably knows how to get you there. Just put in your origin, destination, and the time you want to leave, to get a list of alternatives. You can put in the city names, in which case you'll get all possible flights leaving or arriving into any airport in that metroplex. If you want to select a specific airport - put in the 3-letter airport code (e.g. LHR for London Heathrow).

What if you're meeting and greeting? That's when the Flight Status service comes in handy. Put in your peer's flight number and date, to get real time status.

Scr000097    Scr000087

Often when flights are delayed or canceled, it's due to severe weather conditions. Use the Weather Imagery service to view animated weather satellite imagery in the relevant areas - and find out in advance what's going on!

Picture 040


So now you know what makes WorldMate the world's #1 mobile travel service. Over 2 million people rely on WorldMate daily to assist them when traveling. Download it now. And if you're serious about your travel, Go Gold and let WorldMate help you avoid some of the stress and time loss involved in business travel.

Haven't downloaded yet? What are you waiting for?

                  Download Now          Go Gold!

(*) Services marked (*) require a Gold level subscription.


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It doesn't seem to have any difference with 6.00.39 that I bought last year except the UI.Do you plan to introduce the Live version which is on Blackberry and WM devices?

+1 with above comment - PLEASE integrate with WorldMate LIVE, so I can get access to my itineraries.

I would subscribe for Gold right now if that was possible.

Please include Armenia in country list. I can't find it, so I have chosen other country to get access to the program.

Please include AirAsia...You only have Thai AirAsia... You need to include AirAsia(Malaysia) and Indonesia AirAsia...only then ill GO GOLD

So how do you transfer a subscriptoin to a new device when ou change phones? As far as I can tell oyu have to purchase a new copy of the application

The dark, black/grey background, icons and new interface images are inferior to the previous version and almost impossible to read for colour blind people. BAD INTERFACE DESIGN!

hello,thank you for every things new but why this worldmate without i think its good idea and all people will need it bye bye

Thanks for the great prog..

Take care

Hm, WorldMate was always one of the favs on my Nokia E71, but the new design is really bad, especially the Day/Night map lost all its appeal. I also don't like that the pro and basic features are now so intermingled, making the UX less satisfying for basic users. Will turn back to the older version.

I use Tarom almost monthly, but this product does not feature this airline on go pro.

i would love to go gold but it is now two years i m useing world mate but let me tell u theare is 5 more indian airline company's which are missing from your list

The new version is really a giant leap backwards! What were you people thinking? If I am unable to revert back to the previous version I'm going to uninstall this.

Please include Reunion Island in country list. I can't find it, so I have chosen other country to get access to the program.

In the weather page, I understand Oulu may be of importance because it's far north, but I can't see the point for Espoo, being so close-by Helsnki, for esample. Other small US cities of little importance are there an other bigger ones are missing. And, Why isn't Genoa, in the center of the "cyclogenesis" area, not in the list?
Please, rethink the cities list with some help from local meteorologists, remove some cities less important and don't leave vast areas of the planet uncovered by the program.
Happy to lend a hand as far as in my knowledge and experience.
I'm a sea Captain and I'm using the WorldMate for three years already.

Nice colour scheme - goes with my Nokia theme very well. I'm less sure about the applications though - the day/night map wasn't something I used a lot but the new one isn't as attractive as the old. Some of the readability isn't as good either so mixed feelings I'm afraid.

Please add more cities from India..

My wife is trying to download Worldmate on her Nokia E71 but there is not an itinerary on the software she downloaded. She put it online but now has no idea how to sync it up. Can someone help? Thanks.

When will this be ready for the E90?

i really prefer the old design. It is hard to see the icons.

nice software. bad change.

I cant find cochin airport in this airlines list... can you add it if you can i can go for a gold version...

thnks for the software..

Tx for the upgrade. Instead of being able to do 3 currency conversions, can you not include an additional currency conversion option

very good program thanks

I decided to go Gold with my Nokia E70 - and what did I get? I got the old software version. And when I managed to download "some" other version it would not - of course - work, only displayed a nice icon. That's all. So far I have paid for the new Gold version and I am left with the old one - and money is spent ...

hi there, i personally have been using World Mate for 3 years since I started using the E-Series Nokia phone. I must it is the best phone ware! Well done & pls keep up the good work. Cheers. Kevin, Singapore. Shanghai. Beijing

Disappointing, this is an "upgrade"? I've been a Worldmate User for years and it is one of my most used handphone applications as I travel about 250 days per/year, primarily in Asia these days.

I really don't see any new functionality, The UI is harder to read, the Day/Night Map format is horrible, Airport listings for Asia, particularly China, are still very limited, and worst of all it doesn't work with the lid open on my Nokia E90. I purchased the Gold Upgrade without really looking because in the past there were always good improvements, this was $29 wasted, I'm going to re-install the previous version.

What did you do??? You went from great to bad. Everything is unreadable and unwatchable - new interface images, dark - black background, icons... There isn't any good thing of the new version. Usually I see the icon of the weather and I recognize the weather, now the icons are so bad I don't know what you want to tell us. I will erase this version and go back to the last version, which was beautiful and friendly.
I have pro - gold version and this year I am going to Tahiti - island in the middle of Pacific ocean - I want to see the info. but there is no time, weather or anything about Tahiti. I will not buy the Worldmate again. P.S. You could have in gold version conversion for Length, Temperature, Speed, Volume, Weight, Cooking, Area, Fuel Economy, etc... Things you need when you travel... BAD, BAD, BAD, BAD, BAD, BAD

I love this new version of World mate. Thanks guys. Just one little addition....please add the home screen weather reports.

very very nice thanks

Coverage of India is minimal with only Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Calcutta. Chennai - one of the big metros in India - is missing. Also, need to have more cities from India included.

The current UI is not at all appealing. The previous one was much better.

I just upgraded the interface, what a let down!

If I can customize the home screen to show only info relevant to me then it would be great.

Also, why have you changed the picture for the day/night map. It really looks 1960 like - old and BORING!!

I love the weather service option, but don't have much use for the flight info, would like to be able to hide that ??

Thanks anyway for the great free software.

i use this, but this is not for all flights
overall good

The new design is terrible:
where are the colors?
What a bad display resolution on my Nokia E61!

Where can I download the older but great version 5.10(34)of WorldMate?

Good news i got flight alert today for Tarom 9223 flying to Warsaw

Since i,ve down free worldmate weather forcast my moving all arroud has being easy and smooth.
yours sincerely
sulaimon y.o

Flight status does not really work, kept saying that my flight is delayed even when it wasn't.... I missed my flight because of it.

Those complaining about the new darker interface are a bunch of whiners! I find it better and very easy to see. Cheers.

great job,,,keep on going

When would the new version be available also for Nokia E90 users?

What have you done? The new look is no where as nice as the previous version. Also I'm not sure what additional features there are, as it seems pretty much the same as the previous version. Hope you din't spend too much money on this upgrade.

I do not like the grpahics on World Map and Clocks. New version going backwards , BIG time. I was going to go GOLD , but not now.

Guys, what did you do??

I made huge mistake and download new version of WorldMate!! What a dissapointment!!!

This new graphics is dissaster!!!

I am a WorldMate user for years (since my first Treo) and instead to include old abandoned features you make this black and shematic interface!! Where are the tip calculator, size comparing chart, International telephone codes...???? Day/night map? Ugly and not usefull!!! Icons for weather conditions? NOT for this kind of application!!!

Please give us NEW graphics urgently!!!

This one is VERY, VERY BAD!!! Please read this comments by your users and do something! That way you will show us that you respect us, and our money!

I am graphic designer, I KNOW what I am talking about!!

Please include Etihad Airlines-then I will go gold

Please include Albania in the country list.

I'd like to "go gold", but i realized that there is many different counrtrys missing in WorldMate. What a pity!

hi there..thank you for creating worldmate, i enjoying it since i install to my 5800 xpress music..and the big thing is, i know in advance what will be the weather condition for the next following days.thanks a lot..more power..

I see only one 2 cities included Under Saudi Arabia, please add the following cities: Dammam, Jeddah, Madina, Dhahran.


Hi there... I just installed it to my new best friend.. It is great! But more cities would be great. I am from Croatia so it would be lovely to add Zadar, Dubrovnik and Osijek just for the sake of weather. Thanx a lot! It is a great app for the working ppl..


Dear worldmate
my name is abdulatif almuzaini,I subsicribed yesterday with go gold service,my visa card number is 4324232810021832,I got your e-mail with the confirmation but unfortunetly i deleted the e-mail by mistake ..can you send me the confirmation letter with password again
thank you

and please include Zanzibar under Tanzania, theres only Dar es Salaam. Zanzibar and Dar are far from each other

hi i am using worldmate for my mobile nokia5800 in india but in your cities list my city hyderabad is not there, how to get my city in the list, shall you clarify please

Please include more cites in Saudi Arabia like Dammam,Jeddah,Madina etc...


your application restarts my e71; any hint?

model: e71-2
type: rm-346
software version: 200.21.118

Fantastic program now I can tell my wife the Melbourne weather straight away.

I have Worldmate on the Nokia E90. Two things I notice. Firstly, the satellite weather map of Australia always scrolls the weather backwards so that clouds and storms travel from East to West. Secondly, I recall that the first time I bought a subscription - on a Windows Mobile device - there were other cool features like a packing list for travel. Did I dream this? I can't find it on the S60 version. E90 is a great phone. When will I see the 2009 upgrade? - I want it now please!

Hi. It's a great & very useful app, but please in location/country please update it by separating Kosova from Serbia&Montengero, because Kosova is country!

Am in Johannesburg but my phone is saying UK,London how do i change it.

I use Tarom almost monthly, but this product does not feature this airline on go pro. has a feature where you can see past on time schedule for a airline as a whole, or for a specific flight.

If this could be integrated into WorldMate so that when I go to view flight details for one of my flights, I could see the past on time performance for that flight, that would be awesome in helping me out with judging whether a connection is likely to be ok, or likely to be too tight/risky.

Just 4 cities from India? And i was under the impression that WorldMate was the best Weather / Travellers app. for the Mobiles. What a shame!

Please include more cities from india.

I am Sumo Nuwolo from Liberia west-Africa, I am very greatful to you for worldmate. i enjoy using it on my E71 nokia series.It helps me to know the weather of my capital city Monrovia,but not my entire Countrt Liberia.Please include my entire country Liberia for both weather,flight schedules,flight alerts,flight status,satellite imagery, world weather.Thinks for including Liberia on yuor worldmate have made me to love nokia E71 series for ever.Is there any means to upgrade my nokia E71 series?
My e-mail address is

I can kick myself for installing the upgrade. The new day/night map is ugly, ugly, ugly.

What a disappointment.

The previous version was just so much better visually.

I just got acquinted with WorldMate. I live in Nigeria and am a little put back that my country is not reflected in your line up. Is it something that can be done? It shall be of great use to the country.

i am a mauritian and i would be grateful to have my country on the worldmate service. mauritius?

I live in New Caledonia, french territory of the south Pacific. I would be grateful to have my country on the worldmate service. "New Caledonia" in english or "Nouvelle Calédonie" in french.


I forgot my activation code. How can I recover it?

pls include Abuja in the cities of Nigeria.
Abuja is the Capital city.

the previous version was better in design, I agree with all other critics in this point.

W. Behrens, Cairo

Please include Mauritius in country list. I can't find it, so I have chosen other country to get access to the program.

how do you get rid ofit? i was just playing around on my phone and now i get all these weather updates, how do i delete it????

I can't find my Country Uganda on the list!!! Could you PLEASE include it there? Thank you.

Dear Awesome Person -
In order to cancel the wethercaster on this new version, please follow these instructions:

1. On main screen select ‘Weather Center'
2. Go to 'Options'>>'Weathercaster'
3. Uncheck the box near to 'Morning Report (silent)'
4. Get to 'Options' and set 'Report A' & 'Report B' to 'Off'

Furthermore, to avoid pop up notifications - make sure to close the application when you're not using it, by pressing 'options' -> 'exit' on the main screen.

I wish,I can used world mate in Nokia E71 better.

Your previous design was super, especially the UI. Would you please improove on that. Give it more colour. My country,Zambia is not reflected on your map, but Zimbabwe is. PLEASE may you include it also.I have been using WorldMate since my last phone, N80.

How can I get my Location in the Country options List? I am in Country = Antigua and Barbuda, City =St. John's .
What information would I need to upload to WorldMate to have my country and city reflected in the relevant List.

i Love it, it's awesome application.

The world mate in Nokia E71 is just What i need to plan my trip these days. Any time the weather is not so condusive, I get my flight cancelled.

Keep improving with new innovations. You are doing a great job.

please include mor cities in Norway, like Stavanger and Haugesund

my home city is ahmedabad in INDIA which is not in the list of worldmate cities.
so i want ahmedabad to be include in the list if possible.

Very informative! I am a Travel Consultant and an IT Specialist. You did a program that suits my interest. This is a very nice program not just for travelers. Aside from Manila, please include Cebu and Davao Airports. You can also add Cebu Pacific Air and Air Philippines for carriers, they fly to Asian/Regional destinations as well. Keep it up!

I've been using the version that came with my Nokia E71 for several weeks. It's a great app, but the weather for Athens, Greece, where I live is ALWAYS WRONG!! The temperatures shown are consistently 10* Celcius below the actual!! This leads me to believe that the forecasts for other cities are dubious too.
Please change your source for weather info!

It would be much better if i could have access to my itineraries as the version on PDA has.

I have just received my bill from Vodafone.It was much higher than expected. Do the phone companies charge an email fee for each time I access world weather. As it comes up automatically I do not know how to avoid this. Just learing my way around my new phone- Nokia E63.


WorldMate, uses cellular data traffic to update your weather. Just like your phone's browser or email client. Specifically WorldMate on S60 is not very data-hungry, we estimate less than 1MB per month, which is a small fraction of what you'd probably use for email or mobile internet.

Most users have a data plan.For instance Vodafone UK has a "mobile internet pack" for only 5 GBP per month which may easily cover your email, browsing and WorldMate. However - if you don't sign up for the plan, and you do use data they tend to s*&ew you which is what may have happened.

Another possibility is that you used a lot of data while roaming, i.e. in other countries. They tend to over-charge for that too - unless you have a special plan.

Bottom line - better call them up, haggle your previous bill (they're supposed to tell you before they charge you the high tariffs) and get a cheap data plan moving forward.


The version has a cool feature in weather update that is the HUMIDITY, which is highly appreciated, cause I live near the coast.

I have been using it for over 3 years, but this is update is giving very lousy map.

Please bring another update with a colorful map like the earlier one..


Please include more cities for Romania! (for example Brasov) This version is cool, but have only 4 cities in Romania. I've just discovered it on my Nokia mobile phone and I like it very much.

it's cool apps but i can't find my city, Yogyakarta in Indonesian Country... how can i add my own city? thanks...

I like your application which I use on my Nokia N95.

The older version had better graphics (world map & daylight zones).

Please post information from where the exchange rates are downloaded from (+ download size in kb) and what basis is used for the exchange rate.
Why not giving the user the option to manually input his own exchange rate?

Posted by: Florin | July 26, 2009 at 04:45 AM

it's cool apps but i can't find my city, Yogyakarta in Indonesian Country... how can i add my own city? thanks...

Hey! Try Indonesia->Jakarta =)

Please include Curitiba (Brazil) in the list of cites, then I will go to gold


please include :

Réunion,Mauritius, Madagascar and Mayotte


Please include Cochin, India, in the list of cities in India !!!!!
Great user interface !Keep up the good work guys !!

good design & visibility, cool app.
you could of course add the world-famous Town of Backwater, but it is good as-is.

is okey voo Nokia N95 8GB

Please include the Netherlands Antilles for the world clock and the weather!!!!!!!!

I would appreciate it if the Pakistani private Airline AIRBLUE is added and more option of cities like Lahore, Peshawer and Quetta is added.


Capt. Salman Aslam

Hello! For Romania, please insert IASI, as a city, is bigger than Bacau witch is already inserted.

i like the slick and clean user interface. i have been using this program on a daily basis. the free features are awesome and thank you for offering a free feature. the weather updates are pretty accurate and can't wait for future releases. it would be nice if there were added currency conversions. keep up the great work

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