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June 18, 2014

WorldMate redesigned its Android app to make the most out of your travel


We're excited to launch a brand-new Android app, rebuilt from the ground up!

The WorldMate Android app now has a sleeker interface and a handy set of travel cards, which makes it one of the most information-packed Android travel apps available.

Get the most out of the new WorldMate version:

  • The Home Screen

    This new WorldMate home screen is the smartest and most space-efficient home screen we've ever had. We're able to show you everything you need to make your travel worry-free. We display your upcoming trips and trips’ items to let you quickly jump between one to the next.

  • WorldMate flight cards

    As flight coming closer, their info will be pinned to the top of the app's home screen. Get real-time flight status and updates including delays, gate & terminal number and even include driving directions to get you to the airport.

    1. Online check-in – now it's super easy to check-in with your flight ahead of time! Simply press the “Flight Check-in available” to open the airline web page in within the app to help you quickly complete your online check-in for your flight and breeze through the gate.
    2. Time to departure – know exactly how much time stands between you and your next flight departure.
    3. Time to land – Can’t wait to get there? WorldMate will show you how much time left for your flight to land.
  • Hotel Boooking

    WorldMate's hotel and car booking featured are completely customized based on your preferences and previous trips. Search and compare the best hotel deals straight from the missing accommodation card on the home screen and choose the perfect hotel for your next stay.

    Need a last-minute hotel for tonight? With just one tap you'll find the best hotels near you and save with amazing hotel deals.

  • Tablet Support!

    With the new WorldMate for Android app, we are bringing the amazing travel experience to Android tablets! The new WorldMate includes all the great features needed for managing your trip, with adjustments to take advantage of larger tablet screens, including trip view, maps and navigations and flight tracking

    Download it now on your Tablet.

  • Share your upcoming trip

    This version includes a new way to share travel plans or part of them with your friends and colleagues.

    Flight’s running late? The newest WorldMate version also allows Gold users to share their real-time flight status and notify loved ones if they're late.

  • Travel Tools

    This new version is packed with valuable travel tools you’ll love:

    1. Weather Forecast - Know what to pack with a daily weather forecast for the trip's destinations.
    2. World Clock - Always get at the right Time to the right Place
    3. Flight search - Easily find alternative flights.
    4. Much More!


So what are you waiting for? Upgrade to the newest Android version now!

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We'd love to hear what you think so be sure to share your thoughts with us by emailing or reaching out on Twitter.


April 17, 2014

Introducing WorldMate redesign: The Easiest Way to Manage Travel On The Go


Today we’re excited to unveil the completely redesigned WorldMate iOS app: A new, beautiful and easy way to manage and book your next trip.

When you download the newest WorldMate version on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll immediately appreciate the fresh new look, which was designed with you in mind. Our ultimate goal was to make it easier for you to navigate through the app and manage your upcoming trips, and we think we’ve accomplished in a big way.

The updated app is now available in the App Store, upgrade now

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Stay Connected During Your Next Trip

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, it’s always important to keep your loved ones and colleagues in the loop. That’s why in addition to our new look, this version includes a new way to share travel plans. Now you can easily share your entire travel itinerary, or just one of your trip items, by pressing the share button located at the button of your screen and choosing the person you’d like to be informed in your travel plans.

Flight’s running late? The newest WorldMate version also allows Gold users to share their real-time flight status and notify loved ones if they’re late.


Want to Upgrade for Less?

WorldMate Gold is offered for a limited time only, at $0.99 (instead of $9.99)- try out the most powerful travel app available and get pushed flight alerts, real-time flight status, calendar synchronization and more.

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Want More?

If so, then stay tuned! At WorldMate, we’re constantly working on exciting new features and design innovations to make upcoming versions even more advanced, useful, and delightful.


Don’t be shy. We’d love to hear what you think. Be sure to share your thoughts with us by email or on Twitter.


Join WorldMate's Android Beta Program!


Join WorldMate's Android Beta Program!

We're very excited about the new upcoming version of WorldMate for Android as it's going to introduce some new, super cool features, as well as an incredibly slick UI.

Before making our new version available to the general public, we're releasing a beta version to our power users, so that we can get feedback and improve it before going live.

This is where you come in - We'd like to invite you to join our beta testers community, and to be actively involved in helping us fine-tune this process by suggesting ideas and identifying issues that will help us seamlessly release this new version.

If you're interested, here's how to become a part of the Android Beta program:

  • Join our Google + Android Beta Testers Community
    Note: You will not be able to download the app until you've joined, so don't skip this step!
  • Download the app here
  • Give it a try!
  • Our team is listening! Tell us what you think by using the feeedabck section in the app's Tool menu (Tools->Send us your feedback). Alternately, you can send an email to - just be sure to let us know that you are a beta tester.


If you have any issues or questions before, during, or after download, just reply to this email and we'll be happy to help.


We hope you enjoy, and we thank you for your participation!

The WorldMate Team

April 15, 2014

Say Hello to WorldMate’s New Website


We're pleased to announce the launch of the brand new WorldMate website! This project is the culmination of a lot of hard work from our in-house product, design, and development teams over the past few months, in addition to the professionals over at Bright Bright Great design studio.

By creating this website, our goal was to make it faster, easier to navigate, and to better convey what WorldMate is all about. In other words, we wanted to help our clients and our users to get to know WorldMate better; who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

With this new design, we were focused on simplifying the user experience while focusing on images, interactivity, and eye-catching animations. In the end, the result is a beautiful website that better conveys the essence of WorldMate; that leverages the best technologies available; and that looks great across multiple devices (go ahead and check it out on your tablet or mobile device – you’ll be amazed!).

But we're not done yet, so we'll continue regularly updating our website with news about all the exciting things going on at WorldMate.

Be sure to visit our new website at:", and send any feedback via We'll look forward to hearing from you!


July 10, 2013

WorldMate and CarTrawler Join Forces to Bring You The Best Car Rentals Offers


Download WorldMate from Google Play

Reserving a car for your upcoming trip is always needlessly complicated, and can present you with several big challenges. First, you’ll have to visit multiple rental websites in order to locate the best deal. Next, you’ll probably have to choose your vehicle from an endless list and possibilities. And finally, you’ll be able to book your reservation, while constantly worrying that it will actually be ready when you arrive. Does this all sound familiar?

The good news is that on Version 5.6 of WorldMate for Android, WorldMate has partnered with CarTrawler to bring you easier car rentals with better global inventory, a wider range of prices, and much more discounts.

This is another great reason to reserve your next rental car with WorldMate!

Upgrade to the newest Android version now!


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July 03, 2013

Now it’s easy to check-in for your flight ahead of time!


Here’s the simple truth: Checking in for your flight can be a hassle. Sure, you can check-in via the airline’s app or mobile website, but the reality is that very few people do this. Why? Because you have to wait until just the right time, log-into the airline’s website (which is usually a pain to use), and then manually enter all your personal information. And if you travel often, we don’t have to tell you how much time is wasted during the process.

But here’s the good news! With the release of WorldMate v5.0, we’ve decided to reinvent the online check-in process!


To start with, we’ve added a new pop-up notification that reminds you when your flight’s check-in becomes available. After you access the app, we will then send you directly to the airline’s check-in page, which will pre-fill important information such as your reservation, e-ticket, and frequent flyer membership numbers, and much more, all from directly within the app. On top of all this, we also added a one-of-a-kind clipboard that stores all of your reservation and personal information, which can be included in your check-in form with a simple drag ‘n drop. This means that, even if you have to go two or three pages deep during the process, all your details will remain immediately accessible.


Upgrade to WorldMate v5.0 now, and have a great flight!

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March 19, 2013

WorldMate Wins Best Mobile App award at EyeForTravel - for the second consecutive year!



The WorldMate team is thrilled to announce that yesterday we won the ‘Best Mobile Travel’ app award at the 2013 Eye For Travel Social Media & Mobile Show in San Francisco. This marks the second year in a row that we’ve won such honors.

WorldMate was part of an esteemed group of candidates including HotelTonight, Hipmunk, TripAdvisor and Gogobot. All candidates were evaluated on the user experience, efficiency, technology and innovation. Two finalists were chosen and we each had 5 minutes to present in front a group of travel industry expert judges.

This win is the latest in a string of recent achievements and is testament to our talented and dedicated team. Awards such as this continue to inspire us in our never-ending quest to serve our customers better than anyone else before, during, and after their trips.

Our new parent, Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT), also won an award for the Best Mobile Strategy award focusing on the WorldMate acquisition . This makes it a double win!


It’s an amazing day for all of us at WorldMate and at CWT. We couldn’t have done it without your support, thank you.

January 07, 2013

Attention Android Users: Travel to New Heights!


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Did you forget the name of the hotel you stayed at in Seattle? Or how about the flight you took to Orlando? WorldMate’s newest update for its Android app can help you with that. Right after debuting on WorldMate for iOS, past trips arrives to WorldMate for Android. Past trips feature enables you to access all of your past trips information right from within the device and find all the details about your previous flights, hotel stays and rental cars. And if you need to re-book the same hotel room or fill out an expense report, it’s now easier than ever.


In addition WorldMate is now fully optimized for devices running the Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. And last but not least, are you using a HTC and a Droid device? Then you’re in luck! The new version features UI improvements for your screen resolution.

Download WorldMate version 5.5 now!

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January 01, 2013

A Successful 2012, with an Eye on the Future


2012 was a phenomenal year for WorldMate. We have been overwhelmed by the outpour of positive feedback from our customers, and the recognition from the travel industry and partners we’ve received. Because of this, we thought we’d take a moment to look back at some of the achievements from the past 12 months.

Throughout the year, we’ve been working hard to ensure all aspects of your travel needs are covered, whether it’s by extending our support to almost every travel provider out there, or by introducing our all-new hotel booking experience for iPhone and Android users. We’ve also made sure your mobile booking experience is more efficient and convenient, so you can easily spot the best hotel deals available. And to top it off, we’ve added our game-changing ‘Price Alerts’ feature that ensures you’ll never overpay for your next hotel stay. This year, we’ve introduced the highly anticipated WorldMate app for iPad, which takes full advantage of the amazing retina display, making your trip planning an even more enjoyable experience. In addition, we’ve also introduced the WorldMate app for Windows platforms.

Among the many highlights of 2012 was being awarded the prestigious Editor’s Choice Award at Google Play, featured by Apple on the ‘What’s hot’ and ‘Essential apps’ sections of the App Store and also winning the EyeForTravel Best Mobile App award.

In May, we launched the WorldMate API, enabling developers to create a virtually limitless array of applications using WorldMate’s platform with its ever-increasing knowledge. We are blown away by its immediate popularity, as well as the number of developers who eagerly rushed to join and create their own apps.

And last but not least…WorldMate reached a monumental milestone this year when we were acquired by Carlson Wagonlit Travel. This acquisition allows us to continue providing the most innovating products, faster than ever before.


Our focus on innovation and the customer experience is what contributed to an outstanding year. We’re extremely excited about upcoming releases, and are looking forward to exceeding not only our expectations for 2013, but yours as well.


Here’s to 2012! We’ve got a lot more on the way, so hang on for an extraordinary 2013!


November 14, 2012

Boost Your Day, Supercharge Your Trip

You asked, and we listened! WorldMate now offers you the ability to view all past trip information from directly within your device. In just a couple clicks, you can access every detail about previous flights, hotels and rental cars. And if you need to re-book the same hotel room or fill out an expense report, it’s now easier than ever.


In addition, you’ll see we’ve added some finishing touches to this version:

By enhancing WorldMate’s home screen to contain more of the information you need while travelling, we’re sure you’ll find it even more valuable. In addition, the local search service has been improved to make it even easier for you to locate local hot spots.


Have a brand new iPhone? Version 4.2 takes full advantage of the larger screen, and seamlessly integrates with iOS6’s new features.


So what are you waiting for? Upgrade to the newest version now.


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