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April 01, 2009

Email Us Your Travel Plans

Here's the problem: your flight was booked directly on an airline's website, your hotel was booked via Expedia. Your meetings are in your Outlook calendar and now you just landed, heading out to catch a cab. Maybe you printed all your email confirmations and now there's a stack of papers in your bag. Your laptop is off. Where's the hotel...? When's your first meeting...? You don't remember.

The solution is WorldMate's itinerary, that puts all this info in your cellphone - automatically, for free. Itineraries are at the heart of WorldMate Live and we're constantly working to make their creation as simple as possible. WorldMate therefore creates itineraries automatically from emails you forward to us via a dedicated email account ( Once you receive confirmation for your travel plans from your airline, travel agent or any other type of travel management company - just forward your email confirmations to the above account and we'll create your WorldMate itinerary for you. Keep in mind that we support Word, PDF and RTF attachments so no need to copy/paste them into the body of your email before forwarding.

Another way to automatically create WorldMate itineraries is by installing our Outlook Add-In onto your PC. Downloading the Add-In enables you to send us your travel confirmations with one click, instead of forwarding.


WorldMate supports hundreds of airlines and agents. Please let us know whenever you run into an email confirmation that doesn't go through so that we can add it onto our list of supported providers.

If you work with a dedicated travel agent who handles your bookings for you, ask him or her to CC WorldMate Live on booking confirmations or final itinerary emails. It'll save you the trouble of doing it yourself. In this case, tell your agent to copy (note that this is a different email account from the regular one you use yourself).

You can always send your itinerary to colleagues or family members, as well as print it.

WorldMate Live automatically pieces together an entire itinerary from separate emails received and multiple sources. You can forward more than one email per itinerary: if you have one message with flight info and another with hotel info, our system will recognize them both as related to the same trip so no need to worry.

If you send us only hotel information, or only car information - but without flight details - our system will categorize your items as "unassigned." Unassigned items will assign automatically once you send in the corresponding flights. If you don't want to add flights, you can bring unassigned items into your regular itinerary list by logging into your account on our webiste and clicking "assign."

We're working on adding emails that confirm ground transportation and will be sure to announce when that's available.

An important point to keep in mind when forwarding emails to WorldMate is the email account you're using. WorldMate will only recognize your email address if you tell us about it :). It's okay for you to forward from more than one account, just make sure you first go into your account settings on our site and tell our system about your additional email address so that we know it's yours. And if you're using a BlackBerry, the meetings you have in Outlook's calendar can sync up with WorldMate to show up on your itinerary. This is especially useful if you like checking out what your day looks like with WorldMate's mapping functionality.


The person behind WorldMate's email parsing operations is Alex Karpov. Alex has been at WorldMate for two years and he's the one who makes sure we are able to work with different types of email confirmations and itineraries. As seen below, he also happens to be a nifty musician, actively keeping the beat on drums for a couple of rockabilly bands.


Questions? Suggestions? Please post them here and we’ll get the discussion going.


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That's actually quite convenient. If you're a person like me who lives off their laptop this is a great tool.

I was happy to learn of the WorldMate application and downloaded the free version to my iphone. But my first attempt to use it has produced an error in my itinerary. I have found no other place to report it so I'm reporting it here. I also don't know how to get it fixed. I'm hoping someone will respond to me personally as well as posting here the technical assistance information I could not find. The error is that the final leg of a two stop flight on my return trip is listed on the wrong day. My forwarded email confirmation was from United Airlines for a 2 stop flight from Honolulu to Kansas City, with connections in LA and Denver. The flight departs from Honolulu on a Friday evening, arrives in LA Saturday morning. The connecting flights from LA to Denver and from Denver to KC obviously should show as occurring on Saturday, but the WorldMate parser lists the Denver to KC flight as occurring on Friday! Everything else appears to be correct. How is an error like this to be reported and how can I get it fixed? Thanks.

My first attempt at using the new version failed!
I received an email confirmation of the hotel but nothing' appeared on my iPhone, or on the Worldmate site about this trip.

Try refreshing the site and the iPhone app. Click the refresh button (round arrow on the iPhone).

I have sent my itineray three (03) times already and it has not been uploaded. Could it be because all travel details are in Spanish instead of English? Regards, Hernan.

First, it would be convenient if WorldMate would recognize information from Amtrak. Second, I noticed a glitch on my last trip to Mexico in July. The outbound flights were on USAirways, and the return flights on Air Canada -- all booked through USAir, but the AC flights were not code shares and did have their own airline code flight numbers. However, my WM itinerary used the AC flight numbers but inserted USAir airline codes. For example, AC123 became US123, and the corresponding airports and flight times were for the US123 flights. Is WM working to fix this glitch?

Thanks Dan

We just added support for Amtrak, so we'd appreciate if you try again and tell us if it works!
Regarding that glitch - we know nothing about it, we'd ask you to send this emails again to us (we'd send you an email address directly) - we'd like to take a good look at it.


Hi Dan,

Can you please send those emails directly to me and I will check this issue?


From: Nadav Gur
Sent: Wednesday, September 23, 2009 9:45 AM
Cc: Tali Nizinski
Subject: RE: [Mobile Travel - WorldMate Perspectives] Dan submitted a comment to 'Email Us Your Travel Plans'.

Thanks Dan

We just added support for Amtrak, so we'd appreciate if you try again and tell us if it works!
Regarding that glitch - we know nothing about it, we'd ask you to send this emails again to us (we'd send you an email address directly) - we'd like to take a good look at it.


Is there a way to separate trips that overlap days? I have a flight of my own that leaves on the same day as a flight that I uploaded for my mom's travels. Worldmate combined both trips into a single itinerary. Thanks.

Sorry, WorldMate assumes there is one user who is traveling on one trip at a time...

WorldMate is a great tool however for the last 3 days in trying to access my itinerary the program won't get past the "loading" stage. What's wrong?

Judith Pearson

Thanks Judith, our customer support team will contact you directly to understand the problem.

Love this when it works, and appreciate that the confirmation emails state what has been added. However, when it doesn't work I find it very annoying that the confirmation emails do NOT include any reference to the original. When I schedule a trip, I will forward 3-4 e-mails to WorldMate. At least one will fail so it is always a puzzle figuring out which item to add manually. Please include at least the subject line of the original mail as a reference.

all my travel plans are on the website but none will sync with my BB8330. Two co workers have the same phone and theirs work fine? Don't know why it won't sync, have deleted and reloaded 3 times and nothing on my phone. It just say's I have no planned trips.

Hi, Is there any chance to add support for Travelodge (A UK hotel chain)?

And also Accor hotels?

I added a travel iteniary on the Worldmate website but nothing shows up on my Blackberry (8310). is there something that is being done incorrectly? Thanks.

a colleague told me about Worldmate and I was excited to add it to my list of travel tools. It downloaded fine to my Blackberry. I then forwarded an itinerary and received a reply that my email address needed to be confirmed. I followed the instructions, logged in to my profile and accessed the Manage my emails section where I clicked Send Confirmation for both of my registered email addresses. I get a confirmation at that top that says Confirmation Sent, but neither of my emails receive the confirmation (and I have checked the Spam folder). So what might be wrong?

Thank you.

I've tried using the WorldMate app on my iphone quite a few times but it has never worked. No matter where I send an itinerary from: directly from airline website, from a hotel partner or a travel service (eg kayak, orbitz), nothing shows up. Each time, I'm sending it to I've deleted and reloaded the app but still doesn't work. What gives?

I have the Worldmate GOLD on my cell phone. While trying to add flights I could not find AirAsia flights. This is surprising as it is one of the registered carriers with you. And AirAsia is one of the largest and fastest growing low cost carrier on the Far East scene.
Please note that on your web site here
AirAsia is noted as a supported travel providers. That the same is omitted from the software is not understandable. Does that mean that you list more than what you support?

Thank you

I have been using Worldmate GOLD on my Iphone for almost 1 year now and I am impressed.

Would like to have the Outlook sync. (as is the case with BlackBerry) allowing me to have my other Outlook appointments added to the itinerary, are there any plans to add this feature ?

I love this program for my personal use.

1) I would like to use it to manage the travel for my entire company. The problem is that there is no easy way of doing that for multiple people without using the long (digits) address to forward confirmation emails. Any thoughts?

2) when I download and sync my itinerary with my computer it does not add in the confirmation for my airline reservations. If I add that to my Blackberry when I re-sync (to add more items to the itinerary) it does not sync the over rides the info. So my modifications are lost.

3) Could you please get a bit more Mac friendly so that I can work with worldmate AND iCal?

Travel can be for recreational purposes, for tourism, to visit people, for business or for commuting, and may occur for numerous other reasons, such as to obtain health care, migration, fleeing war, etc. Travel may occur by human-powered transport such as walking or bicycling, or with vehicles, such as airplanes, private transport, public transport, automobiles and trains.

You may remenber the four proverbs:
Nothing seek, nothing find.
Not to advance is to go back.
Nothing is so necessary for travelers as languages.
Not to know what happened before one was born is always to be a child.

Can you please add support for Indian carriers? I just added an itinerary from Spicejet Airlines and worldmate gold messed it up !

* be happy together is good enough. I am not asking for things that I could never get.

I have a flight of my own that leaves on the same day as a flight that I uploaded for my mom's travels.

Very cool space! I love your taste and it looks like it'd be so much fun to poke around in there.

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