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February 15, 2009

Using WorldMate Live’s free mapping services to find your way

Finding your way around an unfamiliar city is always one of the most time-consuming and stress-inducing activities while traveling on business. And it’s not just about how to get from point A to point B – it’s also about how to “geo-plan” your trip optimally – schedule the meetings in logical order so that you don’t zig-zag across town multiple times, stay in a hotel that is near your meeting or near public transportation etc.

In WorldMate Live, we do our best to simplify this for you. When we create your itinerary, we automatically geo-locate any address in the itinerary – whether we got it automatically from the confirmation emails you’ve forwarded (e.g. hotel or car rental addresses), or we got them from your meetings (if you have the meeting location in your calendar – we’d parse that too). This means that by the time you’re traveling – you can just click the item, click “map” – and we’ll show you the item on the map.


Click to enlarge


If you’re using GPS navigation software like TelMap, TeleNav or AT&T Navigator – you can set WorldMate up to automatically open those instead, so you can navigate directly to your destination. In the main menu click “Settings” then “Mapping Application” to select your preferred mapping provider.


Click to enlarge     Click to enlarge


These locations are also shown on your itinerary and map in the WorldMate Live web application. This means that even before you leave home – or before you leave your hotel in the morning, you can view your entire day on the map. In the itinerary view you can see whether all your items were correctly geo-coded – or perhaps you’re missing an address or have an incomplete one!  This way – you won’t be surprised that you have the wrong address, when you’re already looking for it.


Itinerary View With Address Validity Marked:

Click to enlarge


Click the small map, or “Enlarge” to view a map of your entire trip. This enables you to see where your meetings, hotel, airports etc. are relative to each other. Click any item in the list on the left to view it on the map. If you’re using public transportation – you can find stations nearest to your meetings by zooming and panning.


Map View of Your Trip:


If you need to book a hotel – WorldMate Live simplifies finding the right one – one that is near your meetings and matches your preferences. Just click the “Need a hotel?” banner on the top right. You can select an actual location from your itinerary – a meeting for instance, or a location in the destination city. The results are shown directly on the map!


Want to see a live demo? Watch this clip:

Have questions? Ideas? Suggestions?   Post them here!

-        Nadav


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All well and good but what about allowing the PDA app to work with google maps?

It would sure be nice if Worldmate worked with Google Maps, as well as blackberry maps. Think you could make that happen, Nadav?

Do all of the mapping features work on the Windows Mobile version? I am not seeing a mappring application selection bar in my Windows Mobile version?

On Windows mobile, mapping is available using a browser-based Google Maps implementation. Unfortunately those navigation providers do not yet provide a robust API we could integrate into.

wrorldmate live should work with live search to produce the best app to app marriage. I own a moto Q and use live search way more than all google apps combined. live search would enhance worldmate a great deal, in fact I feel strongly about worldmate working with live search, this is the best for both sides. this is a windows mobile cell phone, live search should be the main search engine for any and all windows phones, so to work with google takes away from live search. live search is effective and works easier with my Q than google does. if you own a windows mobile phone and you do not use live search, then do not use windows!! go somewhere else! windows phone, live search........ google android, google search! if you want to google so bad then go to tmobile, windows users should support live search.
you cant take a toyota to a nissan body shop..........

Hi James,

We've tried to discuss this with the MLS (Mobile Live Search) team several times. We even proposed to promote their product on competing platforms... To no avail.

Dear Sirs,

I used to have Blackbarry 9000 and I was very happy with WorldMate. It was Perfect.
Then, because I can not have full satisfaction from Blackbarry itself, I changed to Nokia E66 and member again since 27.11.2008.
Now, planning to go to iphone because I am 100% sure that WoldMate will be much better than any phone. If I do so, how I should carry on or change my membership ?

Thanks in advance for your advise.

Best regards,
Zeki Necati

I have just tried downloading the Google Maps zip file and am told it is corrupted.
Am I doing something wrong?

You're supposed to load it over the air, just put in your mobile device's browser

I just upgraded to the 2.7.5 version and now nothing is working. I've tried all the settings and made all the "allows" and rebooted, but still having problems.
How can I go back to the old version 2.5?
Does anyone have a direct link?
I have a Blackberry 8100 Pearl on T-Mobile.


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Which list are you referring to?

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How do I book the hotel via Worldmate (Blackberry) using my company corporate rates?

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Often times when I land on a website page the articles and other content is so deficient that I move on without delay.

Väl här artikeln som jag har väntat så länge. Jag behöver den här artikeln för att slutföra mitt uppdrag i kollegiet, och den har samma tema med din artikel.

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